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As a child, Mr. Monopoly had always dreamed of being rich, successful, and of course, owning many businesses. Mr. Monopolies father, Jack Monopoly, was a poor man and worked two jobs to support him and his son. Mr. Monopolies mother died during child birth, this had led his father, Jack, to start to have a drinking and gambling problem. Mr. Monopoly had started working at a very young age and he save almost every penny he has ever earned. With all the money Mr. Monopoly saved up, by the time he went to college, he was able to pay his own tuition. With Mr. Monopoly away at college, his father had nothing left, he gambled all his money away and drank himself to death. Jack's death didn't exactly come as a shock to the young Mr. Monopoly, he saw that his father was drinking and gambling more and more. Even though Mr. Monopoly knew his father wouldn't be alive much longer, his death still tore him up inside. To help cope with the loss of his father, he started working even harder. After Mr. Monopoly graduated from business school, he started up his own company. Years later, after Mr. Monopoly had become very rich and very successful, Mr. Monopoly became rather bored with his wealth. Mr. Monopoly decided to create a game with his riches; a game to give people the chance to either win money, or loose money. The game consisted of a group of people who randomly choose from a hat one of the many places owned by Mr. Monopoly. Once the people arrived to whatever proptery they chose, they could either buy it and make money whenever somebody else goes there, or just pick a new place and leave. If a person ended up back where they bbegin, Mr. Monopoly would give them two-hundred dollars. Another place which is possible to end up is "jail" which is where you have to wait for two hours. The game ended when one person owned all of the properties, it was a very successful game.


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