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People commonly mistake the true evil villains as the ones who were born into it. The ones who have never had a glimpse of light in their heart. The reality... is the exact opposite. The true evil, comes from the ones who have had the light, who have been honorable, good people, and then have it removed from them. They know what the light is like, but now....they want no part of it. Many years ago, there was once a kind soul, a family oriented, hard working, honorable soul who brought warmth into many people's lives....that soul has been removed, and in it's place...remains the epitome of darkness.

Born on the planet far from earth called, "Valdis," Zedd grew up very peacefully and happy. Zedd had a family back on Valdis; a wife, named Lamya, who he held the deepest of love and passion for, and his son, Omak, who Zedd treasured. He lived in the city of Goram and worked as a serviceman. Servicemen didn't have just one job, they had many. They were to help in anyway possible, from helping on repairs of damaged homes, or something as simple as listening to someone's sorrow. It took someone of strong character to be a serviceman; a type of character that Zedd held. He enjoyed his job, and the entire town loved, and admired Zedd. He was considered the towns most contributing, and favored resident. For many years, he and his family lived in peace...but as it would seem.....peace, was not meant for Zedd's future. On a day when everything seemed right, his oldest son, Omak, because fatally ill to a sickness that the planet of Valdis had no cure for. When the people of Goram heard of this, hundreds came to Omak's aid, doing everything they could possibly do to rid him of the sickness. After weeks turned info months, with not a hint of any success, it became a reality that Omak would die soon. Zedds wife, Lamya had given up hope and spent her days at Omaks bedside tending to him. Zedd, however, refused to give up on his son & searched for another answer. Zedd had never experienced a sadness that he wore on his sleeve as he did now. It effected him not only emotionally... but mentally as well.

After long contemplation, Zedd believed he had the answer he was looking for.

The city of Goram was powered by a source called the, "Zeo Crystal." This crystal's powers were nearly limitless, and many stories had been told of it's ability to heal. However, those were thousands of years old, and were considered myths today. In the wrong hands, the crystal could be used to destroy entire worlds, and the absolute power could turn the greatest of men, into the darkest if monsters.

The Council of Valids acknowledged the danger of someone trying to obtain the Crystal for ill intent, so they stored it away in a chamber called the Zeo Vault, deep beneath the surface of Valdis, guarded not only by the most skilled warriors, but also by the gates made of the strongest material the planet Valdis had in existence.

Zedd, convinced himself that using the crystal to save his son would be possible, if he could somehow get a hold of it.

Forek, one of the members of the High Council in charge of Goram, was a friend of Zedd. Zedd had come to him and begged that he be allowed to use the crystal to save his son, but there was nothing Forek could do. The rest of the council members refused Zedd access to the crystal, leaving Zedd with no other options. He devised a plan to break into the Zeo Vault, but the Council members saw this coming. Zedd stormed the chamber, fighting all those who stood in his way. His determination time save his sons life was enough to make even the most skilled Warriors no match. Once Zedd was inside the vault and had possession of the crystal, the gates began to close once again with Zedd still inside.

He was trapped inside for days, with nothing but his thoughts of his son, while holding the one thing he believed could save him. It drove him wild inside, as he banged against the gates, begging the Council to open them. He grew weaker and weaker without food it water, until he could no longer stand.

Finally, the day came when the gates opened, and guards came into apprehend him. He was later brought before the Council, to stand trial for his crime.

Zedd pleaded, and begged for then to see that he was merely trying to save his son, but they wouldn't over look the fact that he tried to steal one of the greatest powers in the universe for personal interests.

However, the worst had not yet come. The head Council leader, Jargariant, had long hated Zedd, feeling that he had more control over the people then he did, seeing how they looked to Zedd for answers and guidance more then he. Jargariant's pride lead him to banish Zedd from Goram, and exile him into the Sol desert. Zedd screamed, and pulled against his restraints, begging them to reconsider, at least long enough to try and save his son. You could see the veins in his neck as Zedd yelled, and the muscles being strained as he struggled to get free.

Lamya, who was present at the trial, tried to run to Zedd, hoping she could calm him down, but the guards held her back. This was not enough to stop her though, as she began to resist the guards. Jargariant signaled to one of the guards to put her down, and with a violent strike to her skull, she fell to the floor, lifeless.

Witnessing this, Zedds knees buckled, as he slipped into shock from what he just saw. He could no longer fight back, as his entire life crashed into a burning furnace. Within the duration of a few days, his son was doomed to die, his wife was killed in front of him, and he was now banished to the desert where his chance of survival was has close to none existent as could be.

Jargariant stood, and with a snide tone, he muttered, "Quietus," which is the definition of being released of life, or a finishing stroke, and the trail was concluded.

Zedd was then forced onto a transport shuttle, and dropped into the middle of the Sol desert.

Already malnourished, Zedd struggled to stay alive. Many would have simply given up, having nothing to live for, but Zedd.... he had a new mentality from this experience... a new ally..... rage.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, though in the desert, it might as well have been an eternity. During his time in the desert, Zedd encountered many of it's most dangerous creatures. Of the many, the worst was the Coritor, Which to us would be much like a lion, only having the hide of an alligator, and the tusks of a boar. Though he lived, he did so with many injuries.

A day came when Zedd had come to terms with his fate, and he lied down, waiting for death to come. He wanted to see his wife again, and pick up his son in his arms....but again, it seems his future had other plans, as a figure stood above him, covering the sun from his eyes.

It was a man, but not from the planet Valdis. Those from Valdis has a red hue to their skin color, and this one's was white. As white as the clouds in the sky. Too weak to fight back, Zedd waited for the worst, but surprisingly, the best is what came. The stranger helped Zedd up, and the two began walking, as the man suspected Zedd to stand. Eventually, Zedd could see what appeared as a small camp in the distance.

Once they arrived, the stranger laid Zedd down on a soft, bed like, pallet, and began tending to Zedd's wounds. It was then that Zedd finally rested, and fell into a sleep for days.

When he woke, he found the stranger, meditating. He sat up, and observed his wounds, Which were nearly fully healed.

The stranger informed Zedd that he had been asleep for a few days, and that his medicines had helped him heal more quickly.

Zedd, not trusting the man, asked who we was, and why he was helping him. The stranger answered simply that his name was, Zordon, and that it was in his nature to help those in need when the time comes, and that if there ever was a time, this was absolutely it. Zordon asked why it was that Zedd was out here all alone, and so badly injured, but Zedd refused to answer.

Zordon took no offense, and offered for Zedd to remain here until he was fully rested, and when he was ready, he would help him return to wherever it was he came from. Zedd accepted the offer, still hesitantly, but gratefully.

Back in Goram, word spread of Zedds banishment, which caused a stir in the city. So much so that many revolted against the council, even some of the military personnel. However, Jargariant had no care in the matter, and relished in the fact that Zedd was gone, but unwittingly ignorant to the reality that soon the entire town would call for his execution that he so rightly deserved.

Zedd healed quickly due to Zordons help, but psychologically, Zedd was destroyed. Filled with rage and hatred, Zedds judgment towards everything was clouded. Zordon could see the pain Zedd had in his heart, but was sure that he could help him.

When Zedd's body was healed enough, Zordon taught Zedd the powers of meditation that can heal his soul & also taught him how to defend himself. Through his teachings, Zedd started to control his emotions. Zedd stayed with Zordon for months and the two became good friends. In fact, Zordon was the only person Zedd could now trust. But as much Zedd tried to get better, his rage was always building inside of him.

Zedd was curious of Zordon, and asked him where he was from, and where he learned all of his knowledge of meditation and sled defense. Zordon agreed to explain, so long as Zedd agreed to answer his previous question as to why he was out here alone, and why he was so badly injured, to Which Zedd finally agreed, and Zordon began.

He told Zedd of Eltar, his home world, and how his people are a race of protectors. They train all of their lives to protect others, and then themselves. Out of the entire population of the planet, 3 of the strongest, pure, and most skilled protectors are chosen to become the Elites. These three will train for 100 years in solitude, with the greatest of their planets teachers, & upon completing their training, they are sent out amongst the universe to protect other worlds. In their travels, they are to train 5-6 individuals in their knowledge, so that when the time comes for them to leave, they can leave that planet confidently, knowing those 5-6 will be able to keep it safe.

Zedd was intrigued, and asked Zordon if that is why he was here, to Which Zordon explained that he was not. He went on to Tell him that his race of people live for thousands of years, but eventually their energy runs out, and so they must take time to rebuild it through meditation, and that is what he was doing in this desert.

Zedd upheld his end of the agreement, and explained what happened back in Goram, Which deeply saddened Zordon. He couldn't imagine the pain Zedd was in, but he told Zedd he admired how strong he must be, and how it takes a fierce warrior such as him to be able to survive such an event.

After a few more months passed of meditation, and training, Zedd woke in the middle of the night from a dark nightmare of his wife being killed, and his son passing away. Through all of the healing, it simply wasn't enough, and the rage over took Zedd once again, and this night was the night he unknowingly set his future in stone.

Zedd returned to Gorman, making it there by morning, just in time for the Council to enter the Council Hall.

He wore a Hood to hide his identity, and he stood, staring at the Hall, planning his revenge upon them. Before he would take action, he had one last thing to do.

Seeking out his son, he went to those when trusted, who were astonished he was still alive, and he begged them to Tell him where his Omak was. It was then he discovered that his son has passed away, not long After he was banished, and he was cremated, and stored in the Lost Ones Archive. There he went, to mourn the loss of his only child, and it was then.....that Zedd had lost every part of who he use to be. The light was entirely extinguished from his soul, and all that remained....was darkness.

Zedd stormed to the High Council Hall and began to kill everyone in sight. There was no control in what he did, just pure rage. Zordon saw that Zedd had left & knew where he had gone. Zedd intended to kill the Council memebers & take the Zeo Crystal once again, but this time...he would use it as a weapon. With the crystal....he would be unstoppable, and he would create a new world that he believed was better, but his view of right and wrong was so clouded, that this world he wanted to create, would be one of chaos, and hatred.

Zedd slashed, and striked at everyone in the Council Hall, and even unknowingly killed his long friend Forek. His rage and fury was so strong he didn't have to emotion to fee remorse of what he had done.

As Zedd continued on his rampage, Zordon had finally arrived at Goram in search of Zedd, but he was too late. Zordon entered the Hall, and there stood Zedd, standing over Jargariant with a blade against his throat. Jargariant's face was entirely petrified, as hee begged for forgiveness from Zedd, but Zedd's only reply was, "Quietus." But before he could deliver the killing strike, Zordon intervened, and knocked Zedd away from Jargariant. He tried to explain that this was not the answer Zedd needs, but Zedd was beyond reason, and attacked Zordon. The two clashed for a short while, but Zordon was far more skilled, and soon disarmed Zedd, and knocked him out.

Zordon couldn't help Zedd anymore, he realized. Zedd had gone to far down the road of rage, and the man he once was, was forgotten. The decision was made to lock him away in a cryo tube to save the rest of the planet from his rage. He sent the cryo tube to Valdis's moon "Venus Island." Where he could harm no one. Wanting to forget about Zedd, the friend he had gained and lost, Zordon set out amongst the stars to find a new home, which he eventually found on Earth.

Zedd's cryo tube successfully made it to Venus Island, but it crashed landed on impact. This jarred the technology that protected Zedd from Valdis's suns gamma rays & he was awake from his sleep but trapped inside the cryo tube. Once the moons face turned towards the sun, the restraints framing Zedds body began to heat up and painfully graph to his skin, along with the oxygen mask. Not long after the moon turned away from the sun, a crew of Valdis military who supported Zedds cause followed his tracking beckon, and rescued the damaged Zedd. It took Zedd 20 years to fully heal & build his Army. He discovered that Zordon had been given the Zeo Crystal by the remaining High Council, as a precaution in the event that Zedd somehow escaped, hoping it would save the city if he returned looking for it.

Zedd now spent his days searching planet after planet for Zordon, for stopping him in his plan of revenge. He would find him, and he would ensure that Zordon would feel the pain he has felt for so many years....and then he would kill him.


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