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Thanos sits on his floating throne and looks down upon a beautiful small blue planet. He begins to laugh deeply while the sound of whimpering can barely be heard coming from a small cage next to him. He slowly lifts his left hand, wearing the magnificent, golden, Infinity Gauntlet, with gleaming purple, red and yellow stones.

The purple power stone flares in light as Thanos clenches his fist and laughs as the small blue planet is destroyed and collapses in on itself in an enormous colorful explosion. The whimpering becomes screams of terror as it is revealed to be a blue alien female child trapped in the cage... a Young Nebula.

Nebula looks at what's left of her planet and everyone she ever knew, just rubble floating in space. Thanos stands over her cage as she struggles to stop crying.


"Your planet is no more. Your life, your memories, your hope... is now mine. You will be called Nebula, my new daughter, and you will prove yourself worthy like your sisters, or you will return to dust as your family and planet has."

Thanos leaves his throne and Nebula continues to cry. A hooded figure, The Other, drags the cage away into a holding cell and dumps her out into the dark room.

She runs and hides in the corner when she bumps into another alien child around her age. Nebula is shoved down by the green alien girl in the cell with her; Gamora. Young Gamora is in a fighting stance, on guard and looks around cautiously. She is clearly a natural fighter.

Nebula surrenders immediately and puts her hands up.

Nebula: "No! Please, I don't want to fight! "

Gamora takes out a hand made shiv and grabs Nebula and holds it to her throat.

Gamora: "You won't last long if you keep acting like that."

Gamora watches the a sliver of light that is coming through the sealed door, that someone is look through, close. When Gamora knows no one is watching them, she kneels down and relaxes.

The young girls sit at a distance from each other in the dark room, Nebula hugs her knees in the corner and cries while Gamora stays on guard. Gamora explains to Nebula that she understands what she is going through because the same thing happened to her and her planet. The only way she survived and the only way Nebula will survive being a daughter of Thanos, is if she learns how to be an effective killer.

Nebula says that her planet was peaceful and that she never had a reason to learn how to fight. Gamora makes it clear that avenging her planet and people was the reason of her to keep going. She had to shut out emotions like love, compassion, and fear just so she could earn Thanos' trust.

In the following months and years, Gamora and Nebula are put through hell in the form of savage fight training.

Thanos would send Gamora and Nebula from planet to planet to slaughter armies and civilizations, with his enhancements and weapons he granted them, just for his own pleasure. Nebula learned how to fight and eventually how to kill, to earn the approval she needed from Thanos, but really longed for from her new sister: Gamora.

With every kill, Nebula forgot a piece of her old self and earned approval from Thanos and Gamora.

Nebula had a much harder time gaining the approval of Thanos. Gamora always seemed to earn more praise for being a natural at fighting and always being the "Favorite Daughter". Nebula seems to always be second best to her.

They're training even consisted of fighting each other and other sisters in a fighting pit, made to root out the weakest of the daughters. Every time they would fight, Nebula and Gamora would be the last two standing daughters in the pit, having beaten the other sisters.

Nebula time and time again, would lose to Gamora in the pits, being too distracted by her admiration of her, and lacking the natural fighting ability. Gamora would seriously maime and wound Nebula in the pits, resulting in her cybernetic enhancements and repairs.

Nebula began to lose her old self completely, embracing her fealty to Thanos, living only to please him and become more like Gamora to win his praise. She challenged Gamora again and again, and upgrading herself every time she lost to become a better fighter; becoming a merciless, cybernetic killer for her masters.

Gamora stayed focused on holding on to who she truly was, and trained every day to learn more about her enemy, and to one day figure out a way to get revenge on Thanos for all the lives he's taken.

The two sisters grew together and protected each other, but as they changed, they're relationship became an inevitable rivalry, and Nebula always felt challenged to become more like Gamora, which earned her respect but also hateful jealousy.

The two sisters lived their lives in a bitter rivalry, but a harsh sisterhood as well. Their separation from each other, would only bring them together in the future, once again at odds, with the stakes higher than ever.

Hope you guys enjoyed this origin story for Gamora and Nebula!!!


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