ByJennifer Kim, writer at

A last minute decision to go to the movies tonight did not disappoint. Ex Machina has been in theatres for a few weeks and usually I'm watching movies on opening day. However, I did know that this film received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes so I wanted to check it out.

Ex Machina makes you really think about how humanity is very close to fiddling with the idea of artificial intelligence. In today's world, where more people are constantly getting connected through the internet, smartphones, cameras and smart TVs, one supposes the next step is robotics. And there are start-ups out there already working on robots and perfecting the mechanics. It's only a matter of time before the machine meets a brain like that presented in Ex Machina.

The cast is amazing and lead actress, Alicia Vikander, who plays Ava, gives a haunting performance as a robot that evolves her emotional range as her interactions with humans increase. I have seen her play a dramatic role in A Royal Affair but in Ex Machina, she plays one creepy robot and one I would be terrified to be around. Hope we can see more of her in English movies.

This is a movie that could easily become our reality and it should serve as a message to all that we should be wary in treading forward into the unknowns of A.I. As Nathan (Oscar Isaac) casually speaks about the future that humans are next to be fossilized in a world over-run and dominated by A.I. It truly is 'eff-ing' unreal.


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