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So Let me say this: I am a HUGE fan of Batgirl. From Bette Kane to Stephanie Brown, Batgirl has always been a major piece of the Bat Family legend , but I'm talking about Barbara Gordon, the second and most famous incarnation.

Barbara has had an amazing comic life, both good and bad. From being Commissioner Gordon's daughter to BatGirl to the devastating attack which led to creation of Oracle, Babs' adventures really showed that one can overcome any obstacle. So, with Superman's cousin getting a TV Series this fall, Don't you think it's time for "BATGIRL" series? There have been many attempts to create a "VERY WELL DONE" series based her adventure such Yvonne Craig's Unaired Batgirl Pilot and there was a short-lived WB series based on her life as Oracle , with nods to Batgirl, known as "Birds of Prey" with Dina Meyer as Barbara. I believe expanding Batman's mythos though the eyes of Gordon will be a fresh take on Batman Media Franchise.

The Setting and Style

The series should be set in either the same universe as The Flash and Arrow or set side by side with SuperGirl (We don't know if the three series are in the same universe as of yet.) It can be set after Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice. Gotham should be very NEW YORK (hint hint) in the Architecture, feel, and style of the show. Speaking of style, The Show and its dialogue could be the style of Joss Whedon's Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Barbara is witty, cunning, and a downright master at comebacks. The Dialogue and action should match that vibe.


The series will focus on 21 year old Barbara Gordon, who is fresh from graduate school, and wants to help fight crime in Gotham but when that request is denied by her father and others, She don a cape and cowl to become Gotham’s high flying heroine. The First season should be a mix of the Batgirl Year One and the New 52 Origins with guest starring roles for Robin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

If nobody has read BatGirl Year one or The New 52's Batgirl Issue #0, stop what you are doing and go pick it up!.

The Costume

Since the show would be before Batman accepts Batgirl into the team. The costume needs to be more affordable and less high tech. On a Librarian fresh of grad school salary, Barbara needs a suit that is light, flexible, and breathable. I think the classic YEAR ONE outfit is more down to earth. It's really just Kevlar under spandex but I love the look of the second New 52 costume. It is fashionable, very modern, and very BATGIRL.



Every good hero needs a good villain. Although Batgirl shares most of Batman's Rogue Gallery, She has select villains who are great as both street level and major enemies

Killer Moth and Firefly

In the Year Old story line, Killer Moth was the first and a lousy villain that Barbara defeats when he attacks her father and Bruce Wayne at a Masquerade Ball. Soon after, he teamed with arson bug, Firefly to bring Gotham to a standstill. Killer Moth and Firefly would be a great starting fight for the series. Killer Moth wants to be a protector for Gotham's criminal and Firefly ,in the words of Alfred from The Dark Knight, wants to watch the world burn. The fight can be part of a Three-episode story arc as an opening to the series.

The Gotham Sirens

The Gotham Sirens or Gotham Girls ,as some older fans remember from the web series, are comprised three of Gotham's deadliest villains: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Each of them should appear separately and it should develop their story. Poison Ivy could be more than just an Eco-terrorists but a woman from an abusive relationship who want to take out all men. Harley is stupid in love for a mad man who cares nothing for her. Catwoman is a bit different and her story should be a street smart woman who uses her metahuman skills to climb to the top of Gotham's social and economically ladder, I fan-casted Mae Whitman as Harley, Stacey Farber as Catwoman, and Emilie de Ravin as Poison Ivy.


Roulette is big in DC Universe's Gambling Ring. She loves extreme bets and games. Roulette appeared in Smallville and the Justice League animated series. She is not only a great business woman but a deadly fighter in hand to hand combat and weapons mastery. Roulette has a massive reward for anybody in Gotham who can bring down Babs. I fan-casted CL from the Korean Girl group , 2NE1

Kasumi/Cassandra Cain

Cassie Cain, the future BatGirl, would be a villain at this time. If you know Cassandra's abilities, you know She is virtually impossible to beat. Kasumi would be a test of Barbara's skills as a fighter and gymnast. The teenage daugther of two of the deadliest assassins versus The agent of the bat? Sounds like fun!

The Ventriloquist and Scarface

Another of the street level villains who can give Batgirl a run for her money. The Ventriloquist is a man with mental issues born in a crime family. He crafted a puppet named Scarface to commit crimes and has become two of the most dangerous people in Gotham's underworld.

Black Mask

Black Mask (Roman Sionis) should be the main villain for the first season. The head of Gotham's crime syndicate. Black Mask is merciless, sadistic, and overly ambitious. He has eyes and ears all over Gotham and will stop at nothing maintain dominance in Gotham. I fan-casted Keith David for Black Mask. You never really see his face but his voice needs to ooze wicked.

Talia Al Guhl

The MAIN VILLAIN for the whole series should be Talia Al Guhl. The Daugther of the demon handle the business and social side of her father's business. She is the eyes and ear for Ra's Al Guhl and The League of Assassins. Talia is the mastermind behind Gotham's destruction and the mission her father set to accomplish. Talia is cold blooded and sexy. I fan-casted Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai


I have to two picks for Barbara as their previous acting abilities proved to me they could pull off the witty banter of Batgirl.

Alyson "Aly" Michalka

Alyson was a really famous teen star on Disney Channel with Phil of the Future and her singing group Aly and AJ with her sister and The Goldbergs star Amanda Michalka. It wasn't until she was on The CW's Hellcats with Fellow Disney star, Ashley Tisdale, that you see her more mature yet funny side. Her delivery was spot on and would be a great choice for Barbara.

Joanna Garcia

Known for her roles in Reba and Once Upon A Time, Garcia is very talented with an acting career spanning three decades. Her comedy skills on Reba and her dramatic roles in Once Upon A Time and Gossip Girl gives her balance of humor and seriousness that Batgirl needs.


Do you think a Bat Girl Series would be successful?


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