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At the end of the Galactica series we see Admiral Adama crying alone after the President dies. This is where the Origin begins, with an oath. Adama swears he will find a way to be with her again, whatever the cost. Hunting down Ellen, he grills her about the history of the Cylons. Acting on a rumour from Ellen that one copy of the seventh model Daniel may still actually exist, Adama takes the raptor and jumps to Mars. He finds a lone man waiting for him, Daniel.

Daniel agrees to help Adama but knows no way to accomplish this. Adama becomes frustrated and looks to the stars, and an idea comes to him as he stares at a nebula. He asks Daniel if there is anyway he could go back in time through a rent in space to before Laura gets cancer. Daniel believes it might be possible but he would have to be creative as never before.

After a couple years of failure, Daniel finally succeeds in designing a way for Adama to go back in time. Setting off for the location of the last confrontation with Cavil, the black hole. As Adama and Daniel prepare to go through the black hole, Cavil reappears to attack them with the last of the remaining centurions he managed to again reprogram as his attack dogs.

Cavil manages to mortally wound Daniel, but not before Daniel is able to send Adama into the black hole. Adama watches as time and space slow and pinch out of existence. He finds himself in a place void of anything. Turning, he finds himself staring back at him. It asks him what he wants, and he explains he wants to save Laura. It asks him what is the purpose of saving Laura, and he says because he loves her.

His reflection contemplates this for a moment and then explains that he too loves Laura, and every other child of God. That it will help him on one condition. Adama agrees to whatever the reflection wants of him, but the reflection just stares back in thought. It tells him that to help Laura he must help all the children of God save themselves.

Adam frowns and ponders what that means, but before he can reply, the reflection shoves him backward. Landing hard on the sand of a beach, Adama looks around, and recognizes the place they set down on the original Earth. Glancing up he sees a clip on a video billboard. It's a commercial for the future technology of this civilization. He sees Ellen and Saul explaining the breakthroughs that could happen in the next decade.

Shaking his head, Adama falls to his knees and covers his face "Not again!" Nearby, a woman stares at him quizzically. he glances over at her and grimaces. Looking at the ground, he takes a deep breath and rises. Looking into the eyes of Kara, he pulls out a data stick that Daniel gave him and explains he needs to find his friends. Anticipating she most likely knows the other four would be members of the final five, he asks her if she can take him to Sauls' workplace.

Kara is a junior tech working with Saul and Ellen. He explains that he knows they're working on resurrection technology, and that he has information that can help them...the rest is as they say, is history.


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