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I woke up one day with both my legs broke...
Sean Brannon

Happy Mother's Day

I grew up being told I was white trash

Yelled at all day "shut the fuck up YOU listen when I speak”

Ever wonder how I got the nickname freak

He Always was there no matter what

he'd kick the door in even if it was shut

We lived there for free just some dirty grubs

You know me I never had no luck

So here I go away off on a ride

One that I know I'll never survive


guess what I'm still alive

Now I’m flat broke but I’m barely alive

I wake up to a room full of friends

All standing around with these fucked up ass grins

Holy shit, how did I become someone

As far as I recall I was simply a bum

Not nobody cool from some kinda hoods

Just some dirty old freak who lived in the woods

Wanna hear bout the weirdest of all

My mom being there was the greatest I saw

I put her in charge but I wish I could take it all back

Except that is how I got my left arm back

Because my mother dropped me like she didn’t give a fuck

Then a couple weeks later wouldn't you know it

On my wheelchair the brakes they weren’t even “OH SHIT ?”

Oh right when I was about to scream

My mothers’ face was the first on the scene

Please tell me you see what I mean

After years go by my funds had dwindled

Come to find out I'm back counting change

I Think to myself

Wait a minute there is no way in hell

I'm searching my room for some shit to sell

Fixing to have a kid so mother please step back

She laughs and says nah you’re to stupid and your heads been cracked

I think to myself well I guess here we go again

I'm all grown up bitch now I can win

I talked to her like she was an old friend

So I step up beginning to unleash the pain

As I combine the powers of my cracked-head brain

Was not complete but I just went a little insane

I had the nerve to always continue

I picked up my records so I could see what she did do

Found out that my life my mother had tried to ruin

But I got smart ‘cause I started healin’

I looked at that bitch and told her how I was feelin’

I just woke up one day and realized my family was stealin’

So I told them all enjoy what they’ve stolen

Just don’t call on me when I’m high rollin’

Then a couple years go by a week before thanksgiving

My mother calls to see what I was doing

I said don’t play me dumb I know what your doin

I got this reply, no I really want to see my brand new grandbaby

Wait a minute

Okay so here we go the one that wasn’t mine

Suddenly is after month thirty nine

After about a half hour it finally comes out

She just wants to know what I’m gonna do

Next month with my money due

It’s the first check where she won’t get to spend no dough

Well I’m tired of paying rent Think I’m going to get me a home

Should’ve had five the way my money should’ve been spent

It doesn’t matter even if you all holler

At me now because now I’m a baller

I learned all this shit from my bitch ass mother

Ever wonder how they came up with mother fucker

Think someone else’s mom was just like mine

When I look back at my life it makes me cry

But I’m so happy now after I told that bitch bye

Happy Mother's Day !!!


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