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Claude Joly

Born from a very wealthy familly. His birth was vowed to be a diabolic child similar to a rosemary baby scene exept the baby died for 3 minutes sending his soul among the Aether. Stephen Vincent Strange don't remember anything exept when his house caught on fire killing their parents. He survived for the reason someone from another dimention allowed to by creating a fire ward.

He grew up victim of bully until it start to unleash his occults powers. He got luckily caught by a good history teatcher from school, A african middle aged man who turn out to be a vodoo witch doctor who teach Stephen Vincent how to harvest and control his abilities.

His instructor was hunted down by Baron Mordo who survived WW2 and had stay in germany until 1950 when he left with some of his student for a voodoo witch doctors hunt.

Stephen Vincent was 15 of age when Mordo took him by force as his pupil because he has felt a huge potential in the boy. Mordo has harvest his magic trough Dr strange for a whole year keeping him weak With luck and momentum of circonstance, he could manage to escape by achieving his first teleportation spell with the help of a stolen medaillon from his mentor. During that year, he learn mostly devastating black magic spells. Even the forbiden ones from his former mentor like rifts spells who will be his first uncontrollable experience who will need the assistance of S.H.I.E.L.D to interfere. Treaten like a villan for a good period of time because of his clumsiness in the art of black magic. He lost control of it until Thor came to put him unconscious and close the portals with some help from Asgard. Stephen Vincent strange spend some time in Asgardian prison until Loki try to use him for his own royality gains. Doctor Strange reveal to Siff who felt seduce by a ''enigmatic human'' that Loki was planing a sheme to overtrow his father from the throne.

Doctor Strange was free once again but need to find a way to be unoticed.

With the help of his cousin Stark who still had his normal heart back then, he moved to Canada under a new name, he change his identity calling himself Stephen only. Being low profile not attracting attention of the diciples of Baron Mordo then he finished his studies in Psychology.


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