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Hey Geeks, we are GeekCulture, a growing community of like minded individuals such as yourself who enjoy comics, collectibles, movies, t.v.shows & series, fashion, accessories and more! We work hard everyday to keep you the fans informed of what's new, trending, in stores, upcoming and of course providing you with honest, accurate reviews from people in tune with the culture.

We put on some pretty awesome displays at our local convention, Alamo City Comic Con, each year. Last year we had numerous pieces that caught fans' attention and even did a grand prize giveaway where the winner could pick one item in the booth of their choice. We had a life size Captain America bust, Hulk bust, Captain America prop replica shield and much more. After the giveaway, Stan Lee was nice enough to sign all our Marvel items.

We invite you to join us on Facebook ( ) ,where we are much more active, and enter in on our SIGNED Captain America bust giveaway. Simply LIKE our page on Facebook, LIKE the top post with the image seen above and be sure to check back on Wednesday May 13th to see if you are our next winner! We look forward to you joining us on one of our social media sites. Be sure to check back there and here on Movie Pilot for our reviews and thoughts on current trends and entertainment.


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