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Since Sony purchased the movie rights and hired James Wan to direct the live-action version of the 80’s anime hit ROBOTECH, discussion has been held amongst the fans in regard to casting the crew of the SDF-1. For me, I’m only really interested in one role. I mean, I want to see Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Max & Miriya Sterling, Admiral Gloval, and the Zentraedi on-screen; I can only hope they find the right blend of acting talent to compliment an already proven brand with a great story to tell. Yet, there is only one role to cast that I’m really curious about. One role that could arguably make or break the success of this movie…maybe.

This character really embodied the soul of the show for the “Macross Saga” during the original run. There is an argument made for female characters in 80’s cartoons and which of those are the most memorable (especially in Japanese anime), where I believe SHE must be somewhere near the top ten. I, of course, am talking about the one and only…

Lynn Minmei.

Lynn is a character that has no superpowers or supernatural abilities ,but has a beautiful and courageous spirit . Most importantly, she is a symbol of hope for the inhabitants of Earth as they defend the planet against the invading armada of the Zentraedi; a race of aliens that are gargantuan in size compared to humans. Her role in the 1st Zentraedi war is as important as the combat officers and pilots like Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter of the SDF-1.

Lynn Minmei pushes the entire war with the simplest of methods, using her voice. The music of Lynn Minmei, thanks to singer/actress REBA WEST has been stamped in Japanese-American Anime history as one of the best soundtracks to any anime story…ever.

If you were like me, who woke up every morning on Saturdays at 6am to see this show air on NBC then you know what I'm talking about. The gentle tones with hints of oriental influence accompanied by this sweet voice that made the song complete plays in your memory of Robotech till this very day. A rock star/movie starlet in the show, Lynn Minmei becomes the key weapon used against the massive alien force trying to re-capture the SDF-1.

So with that now said, my eyes are on who can play the role of Lynn Minmei? Arguably, if this movie follows the shows storyline then the burden of its success will lie on a small group with Lynn Minmei in my eyes being the x-factor. It shouldn't be all about the special effects. I, like many, can’t wait to see Veritechs transform into warrior mode in battle. But I also want to see how well the character of Minmei translates to live action, which is why the ladies below really make me feel good in regards to the character. So let’s get into it!


I love the idea of DEMI LOVATO for the role of Lynn Minmei. Able to both act and sing very well, she can carry the role naturally with ease. She’s young, beautiful, vibrant, and most importantly armed with an exceptional singing voice!


Another actress with both acting chops and a great singing voice who in my opinion can fill the role is MIRANDA COSGROVE! The former ICARLY star who has grown to become a beautiful young woman has the right resume for Minmei in my eyes.



Although she may not fit the age range anymore, she still has the vibrant look of a twenty-something year old. I don’t have to say much about her singing skills, we ALLLL know she can sing a song and dance to a tune.


KATY PERRY brings the musical skills needed to fill the role, but can she display the acting chops to carry the role. She’s done the voice for Smurfette, and some Saturday Night Live stuff but that’s pretty much it. Yet, you can’t deny when you see her that she also has the look of Lynn Minmei. I think she can do it with the right preparation.

Of course, we can't talk about Lynn Minmei without mentioning her kissing cousin, Lynn Kyle. I can only think of one actor that can play the ego filled pretty boy...

Ian Somerhalder, it's all yours!

Now that Sony and James Wan (Furious 7) are moving forward on Robotech, it's going to be a ride trying to find the right cast for the movie. Especially when it comes to Lynn Minmei.

I am not going to forget to mention Mari Iijima, the Japanese singer/actress that also played Lynn Minmei. Much respect to the original Japanese cast of the show!

Whomever they cast will have to re-record the music that made this show a memorable hit for everyone who enjoyed it. Will it have the same effect as the original? Will they find the right singer/actress? As a fan of Robotech myself, I can't wait to see what happens next.



Who's your choice to sing "to be in love"?


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