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Lee Jordan thought of meeting George today he understood the fact that how much George misses Fred. It's been a year but George still couldn't come over Fred death. When ever they met he could see that how much efforts George makes to show people he is fine but even George knows he can't fool me. Lee reached Fred and George house now only George house at the Diagon alley near their joke shop where they brought a small flat. Lee knocked two time but no one answer. He went to shop to check if he may be there. But he wasn't there too. And after leaving George shop he knew where he would. And he was right he would find George at Fred grave only. George had back toward him . He was sitting there with his head low. It look like he was thinking and upset about something because didn't sense that he was not alone anymore and was shock to find him here when he keep his hand on his shoulder. As he turn he would see some mixed emotion in his eyes he was angry, upset and worried about something. He sat beside him.

George knew that Lee was worried about him. As Lee sat beside him he asked " how did you know I was here? "

Went to your home no one answer so then I went to your shop where Ron told me you felt early today for home so I knew one place where I can find you. And he gave a weak smile to George.

George could see Lee was trying to figure out what may happen that I came here today but he didn't ask me. Waiting for me to tell him. After Fred it was Lee to whom he was closed so he decided to tell him his problem. Looking down at his own hand and been ashamed about what he was going to tell Lee now. " I kissed angelina this afternoon when she came at the shop.I didnt knew when it happen she crying and I hug here trying to reduce her moment they were looking at the each other eyes and next moment then they were kissing.I never knew when I started to fall for Angelina. and she for me. I was justing caring for her like because I made promised to myself that I would care about Angelina for him .

After he said he thought Lee would accused him about falling on his dead brother girlfriend. And he was right it was out of line. He shouldn't have done just such a thing. What would he say to Angelina ?. But after a few minute silence Lee said , " so are you two going out now " with a smile. But this angrier George more , " going out with her are you mad she was with Fred. if Fred wouldn't have been dead they would have been together. How would he felt if he knew about this?"

" you know Angelina has to move on with her life and they would have been together if Fred didn't died. But he is dead George. If she has to move on with some one then why not you. You understand her pain , her feeling and her sense of lost as no one could understand better then you"

Lee replied to George.

George had tears in his eyes now. Lee kept his hand at his shoulder and told him what changed everything for him it was nothing he didn't know but still hearing him said that he believed more, Fred would want you to be happy and if Angelina makes you happy then be with her. Fred would be happy that two people he loved most are together saying this Lee got up hug George and told him to think about it and left.

George heard every word and he know Lee is right that Fred would want that. He looked last time at his grave and said he misses him alot. And left he went to his home which was empty.He sat at the chair and was thinking about what Lee said he look at Fred picture and that what decided for him. He went out of his home and apparited to Angelina house. He knock on her door. Angelina came out and was surprise to see George weasley at her door. she called him inside. George saw that her eyes were swollen and red due her crying because of him and promise he would never make her cry again. They sat at the her cough.

He went toward her and kneel and looked at her but she wouldn't looked at him. "Angelina will go out with me today for a dinner." George said

Angelina didn't answer him but she looked up at him and their were fresh tear in her eyes . Before she would say any thing George started saying and hold her hand," I'm sorry Angelina for how I left after we kiss but I'm ready to fix it. I know you loved Fred and I still want to be with you. You understand me my pain and my feeling of lost as no one else can figure out. So give me a chance." saying this even he had tears in his eyes.

Touch by his words she got up and even George got up. she hug him and in his ear she said,"yes george weasley I will come out with you."


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