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When I was younger I lived in an old Victorian house that had been moved from near the river to a lot in town that once was a hotel that had burnt down.

I lived in the house with my brothers, my mom, and my step dad. We all have creepy stories from that house, just thinking about it gives me chills!

My older brother and I had rooms upstairs, while my mom, stepdad, and little brother were downstairs. At the top of the stairs, there was a small crawl space to the left, my brother and I were terrified of it, often covering the door with piles of blankets and clothes or putting chairs in front of the door. We often found it open again in the morning, the things moved from in front of it.

another occurrence that happened upstairs was the feeling of someone walking through the hall towards the bathroom. There was always an uneasy feeling in the upstairs bathroom, if you were in there with the door closed it always sounded like someone was coming towards the door or was right outside it.

Honestly though I think the creepiest place was the basement. Going down the stairs, you always felt like something was going to grab your foot from in between the steps and pull you down. We always ran up the stairs, practically freaking out, always so relieved when we finally shut the basement door behind us.

One day, my older brother was in the basement on his game, and in one of the other rooms he heard the sound of the light cord being pulled, the light turning on and off repeatedly. Obviously he got out of there pretty fast.

My mom and step dad also had experiences with a little girl and a man. Eventually after we had move out, my mom researched the history of the place, figuring out that it had been move on the same area a hotel burnt down at.


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