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Superseding the events of Iron Man 3, Thor 'The Dark World, and Captain America 'The Winter Soldier': 'Age of Ultron' finds the honorary heroes on a quest to capture Hydra disciples (so to speak) and take possession of their findings and preliminary experimenting via alien technological mechanisms. The crusade brings Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, The Mighty Thor, and Hawkeye - mixing it up with Baron Strucker; one of Hydra's officers who has been studying Loki’s scepter in the hopes of controlling its very power.

Overall you can't really say which Actor portrayed their (Avenger) part better, they were all finely knit and brought about a real 'Avengers' experience (similarly like in the last Avengers). For example even though you knew these actors were popular 'A' rated Actors/Actresses, you looked passed the obvious and that alone made you realize that this truly was a winning team.

Avengers 'Age of Ultron'
Avengers 'Age of Ultron'

Eventually and intriguingly you get to look deeper into the Avengers fears based on past life experiences thanks to Scarlet Witches meddling with the Avengers minds. The progression to Ultron, [voiced by James Spader, who by-the-way delivered the cold A.I. Entity/Machine quite fantastically], was fairly paced and finely tuned where necessary. The trivial areas where Avengers 'Age of Ultron' lacks (not even worthy to mention), it in turn shines ten times more in the most important beefy parts of the storyline. Overall 'Age of Ultron' is one of the most intoxicating and entertaining Marvel adaptations thus far! And although I enjoyed Captain America 'The Winter Soldier' slightly more than 'Age of Ultron', it was only because of the WOW factor that Captain America 'Winter Soldier' delivered, a WOW factor that I didn't expect considering it was about a standalone Superhero [birthed from the World War 2 era], rather than a whole team of Hero's like the Avengers. Winter Soldier had particular necessary environments for the type of movie it was, and the well pressed techniques that 'Winter Soldier' delivered was nothing short of Awesome! Additionally the production of Captain America 'Winter Soldier' seemed more refined. I'm not saying 'Age of Ultron' was inferior - as a matter of fact it was quite admirable! I'm just saying I slightly relished 'Winter Soldiers' overall experience a little bit more.

Notwithstanding some anecdotal occurrences, 'Age of Ultron' is strongly driven from the very start. It's one of those movies that truly is worth experiencing on the big screen, and overall is a concrete Superhero flick.

  • Plot: 9.4
  • Delivery: 8.5
  • Character Portrayals: 9.3
  • Technical Accuracy: 8
  • CGI (If Applicable): 8.7
  • Overall Experience: 8.5

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