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Joker: Some people just like to watch the world burn like me. I don't know why people flee and run and try to hide from the inevitability. Death is coming whether you know it or not. I died once and look at me now. The image of chaos and destruction. You feel the humor in it. People running scared about mortality when all the while they never live. I live more than any man, any Batman.

Batman: I try to save the world and it keeps dying. I try to help and am discarded. When will people rise to fight the corruption. When can I hang up my cape? I will not kill, but some people deserve death or an ending worse then death. I keep feeling I am missing something, something that will bring an end to death and take the darkness out of my soul.

Hi. If you are still reading this then I guess I am not failing as a writer. My plan with this story is to tell the origin of the Joker. We have looked through comics and only found one acceptable solution to his origin. Being dropped into acid and basically turned into a villain instantly. I can't really accept that.

The Killing Joke is a phenomenal comic and Alan Moore did a fantastic job, but I was left wanting more.

This is my attempt at a story to explain his origin. My friends tell me it is blockbuster worthy but only you the reader can decide.

Gotham Under Fire

Bruce Wayne- I keep seeing this visions. I can't tell if they are real or if I am dreaming. Everyday I see my parents dying over and over again in my mind as if I am in a fog. I can't escape.

I see my parents funeral and a man from a distance watching me. I don't know if he is my guardian angel or something darker, much darker.

Gotham has changed into a darker hell. Death is rampant and the Joker is free.

No matter what I do Gotham dies. I can't save it. He won't let me. He is my polar opposite, desending me into futher madness. He is Death.

Newsline- The city of Gotham is under fire today. The Joker left Gotham City today after his beloved Harley Quinn was killed by an inmate. He and his minions have almost left nothing of Gotham untouched. He torched Wayne Tower today and killed almost everyone inside.

The death toll has reached close to 50,000 citizens and still no sign of the Batman. Gotham is doomed.

Joker- After Harley died, I felt my last string snap. The only love that I have left. Now my only joy is death. I love it. I surrounds me like a warm blanket around a child that is on fire. HaHaHa. I feel my end coming and a burning desire to face the Bat one last time.

I wish I could remember who I am. I only know that I became a clown do to my smile and color-drained skin. I really liked those people, but they still had to die. Pity though because I was just starting to enjoy being a clown. Well I guess I still am a clown, the Clown Prince of Crime.

When I came to Gotham I saw fire, death, and destruction. This is my kind of town. Very cozy and loving neighborhood. When I was torturing Tim the other day, he said that everyone should come to Gotham. Tim is a funny guy, but the fun drained out of him quicker then I would have liked.

I knew I belong in Gotham. Something from my past drew my here. A bat. The Batman.

Bruce Wayne- I am bleeding from the wounds from these minion bastards. You take one of them out and another stabs you. I can't keep doing this. At 45 I am starting to slow down the abuse I take is killing me and.........

Wait. This is isn't possible. All this time I was looking for the Joker's identity and it is staring me right in the face.

While analysing the Joker's DNA it came up with a 95% match. The DNA it match was my own. This isn't possible. I am an only child. How can this be true.

Narrator- Batman started frantically searching for the answer. The explanation for the this DNA match and it hit him right in the face.

Thomas Wayne Jr. Age 6 was abducted by the mob a month ago. Thomas Wayne Sr. searched frantically for a way to save his son without having to give his soul to the mob. It is now discovered that his son was murdered.

Police are searching for the killer, but new hope came to the Wayne family today. It has been confirmed that Martha Wayne is pregnant with another child. Hopefully this one will not end up like the last.

Story of Thomas Wayne Jr.

When he was abducted my the mob Thomas was frightened. He wanted his mother and father to find him, but they never did. He grew up with these men, these murderers and grew more and more hateful every minute.

What did he do to deserve this? Why did he have to be born a Wayne? Why was he discarded?

He didn't find out the answer until 10 years after the kidnapping. His parents thought he was dead. Why didn't anyone find him?

He took the name Jack Napier after the mob boss who raised him. The man who corrupted him and gave him a mission to kill.

When he was 18, He saw his parents die. He liked to watch his family enjoy life again. He wasn't angry with them, how could they know. Most of all he watched Bruce. He was determined to protect his brother, make sure that he never had to live the life he did. When they died and Bruce was in danger and The long lost child's mind broke. He failed his parents and worse of all he failed Bruce.

He found the man who killed his parents and he tortured him for a week. He kept on going until every last bit of rage left him. When the man was about to descend to hell he carved his mouth until it made a smile. The man saw himself and screamed until he died, bitter and full of regret.

The murderers twin brother saw his brother lying there and ran for his life until the Joker came after him.

Thomas couldn't stop killing, it was in his blood deep inside of him. He starting killing everyone that was apart of his kidnapping until every last one faded away into a never ending madness.

It was 6 years later until the Wayne killer's twin was caught and put on trial for murder. Bruce watched patiently waiting for the chance to strike and kill the man who murdered his parents. He felt nothing, but rage for this man.

Thomas watched from afar knowing what his brother was going to do. He was going to kill the man for him. He couldn't have blood on his brother's hands. It would descend Bruce into madness until he became just like him.

The twin was set free do to lack of evidence and Bruce was getting ready for the kill, until Thomas stepped in and stopped him saying, "Carmine Falcon sends his regards."

Thomas was a hitman now without an identity, he killed anyone who needed killing by the mob. As much as he hated it, this was his life now. He couldn't stop it. He loved killing, the thrill of it and the anguish and hopelessness in his victims eyes when they died. It was like for a moment they understood him. That look contained the last piece of his soul and the boy he used to be.

Bruce left when he was 20 searching for a way to understand criminals and stop them from ruining his city. After 2 years of missing he was presumed to be dead.

Thomas Wayne's mind broke. His vision blurred and turn inside out until all he saw was his hate and the madness that came out of him for his first kill. He moved deeper into madness and starting killing his employers. He always felt the mob was to blame for Bruce's alleged death. Rage fueled him and the mob came after him. They were no match for him. Like Bruce, he had a superior intellect then the mob. He overloaded their cell phone's circuits and caused them to kill everyone that he knew, except for Falcone. He wanted him to watch his empire burn.

5 years after Bruce Wayne's disapperance. He returned to Gotham and brought with him the Batman.

Thomas relieved that Bruce was still alive, figured out that he was the Batman and became a vigilante himself known as the Red Hood.

One day, Batman and the Red Hood crossed paths. Batman knowing the Red Hood's history of violence fights him and because of the Red Hood's love for his brother while trying to escape, he stumbles and falls over a rail into an tank filled with acid below.

When he emerged he wasn't Thomas Wayne anymore. He was something else something much darker.

Final Confrontation (Batman vs. Joker)

Bruce Wayne learning of his brother, felt both joy and sadness at the same time. He felt like he was plugged back into reality. He decides to confront his brother and save him by any means necessary, even his own life.

The Joker- Finally you come crawling to me. Do you feel old yet? Are your bones starting to crack under the pressure, because I haven't even started yet?

Batman- I know who you are. Please stop this for the people of Gotham. There is good out their even though you can't see it yet. Please brother stop this!

The Joker- Brother? HaHaHaHa. No I am your doom, your death, and your last laugh.

Batman removes his mask so the Joker can see his face. He doesn't know if he knows him, but he has to stop this as Bruce Wayne, not Batman.

Bruce Wayne- Your name is Thomas Wayne Jr. I love you even though we have never met. You are my last tie to my parents. I will never give up on saving you even if you kill me.

The Joker- Bruce Wayne? For all these years I wondered who you were and who could wear these ridiculous outfits? Now I know and now the story is finally complete.

The Joker stabs him in the chest and wants to watch him bleed as he dies. His mind then starts to snap back. Thomas Wayne? Thomas Wayne? I am ........ THOMAS WAYNE.

His brother is dying because of him. The man he wanted to save most in the world. He can't let this happen.

Thomas breaks into a clinic, screaming for people to save his brother, flashing a gun around. He is told that they need a compatible blood type to save him and his rare blood type is hard to find. Thomas tells them to give him his blood. After threatening to kill them they finally do.

Bruce Wayne- I woke up in a haze. I thought I was dead and then I saw him. My brother dying next to me, giving me every last drop of himself. I asked him why he saved me and he told me that some men like to watch the world burn and a rare amount of people actually want to save it.

His last words to me were I love you. I cried. I was finally whole again, by saving him my soul was returned to me the madness inside of me bled out of me the day I saved him. My hope and despair turned into happiness. For the first time in my life I was at peace.

Ending Credits.

The is my first attempt at writing at story and if you are reading these credits i guess I didn't fail at my attempt. I would like to think Moviepilot for the contest that allowed to think about a idea that I almost forgot about. If you like this idea then share with other people. Who knows maybe DC ends up reading this and turns it into a comic.

I know this is supposed to just be a origin, but I couldn't tell the whole story and just make it about the origin. A story should be about surprising people a thrill and chase to see what happens next.

I hope you really enjoyed this as much as I liked writing it. This story meant a lot to me, because I always felt that Batman and The Joker shared a deeper bond.

If you watch to know more about me tweet me on twitter @rhencor. Eventually I might make a Youtube channel. I don't really know yet.

Thank you for going on this adventure with me.


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