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Well there's always that one girl at school that nobody likes, that everyone picks on, that never gets invited to parties. Well somtimes they're every nice and somtimes they are not what you think they are like for example, Sally burk. She was always bullied and she even had this time when sombody told her that if she died nobody would miss her. But what that girl didn't know was that Sally was actually already dead and just had taken possession of a girl outside of town. Well when Sally left for about a week that girl went to her when she had returned and she told her that nobody missed her like always and then Sally made them think that she committed suicide.the nights after her funeral that girl went inside to a gym with her boyfriend to get somthing that he had left behind and then then girl went to use the bathroom in the basketball court thing while the boyfriend waited in the car. After a while the girl hadn't come out and the boyfriend went to check it out and he heard a loud banging noise and screaming and saying sorry. As the boyfriend tried to get I side the building he heard the noise getting louder and faster and when he finially got in he found her dead with blood written on the court ", miss me ? " and he tried to run out and as he left Sally grabbed his girlfriends necklace dragging him back into the the gym and when he got in there he discovered that that banging was Sally's demon tail banging on the court as she jumped and ran towards and causing that girl as she terrified her saying miss me and they were never heard of again.

So here's my little thing I put together at last minute and you should know that I am failing language arts and all that writing stuff in school. I would've put more effort and stuff into this but I know I'm not gonna win so yeah hope I do tho


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