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Maggie Haralson

In 2005, I attended a Job Corps in California. Now one of the ways that the students that were already there would scare the "newbies" was to tell them about the history of the property prior to it being a Job Corps. One of the stories was about the old elementary school that burned down and the two children that perished in the fire. A little boy and a little girl. We were told that the little girl was a playful ghost that wandered around the female dorm(I had an experience with her). Then there was the little boy. Apparently he liked to mess with people in the gym when they're alone. He was considered mean, almost evil. One day a friend and I were hanging out in the gym just sitting in the bleachers talking. My friend starts to make fun of the "mean" ghost. Laughing the whole time. All of a sudden the bleachers start to shake, a little bit at first, then more and more. I'm freaking out at this point, my friend though thinks someone is playing a trick. So she calls out for whoever it is to stop or they'll be sorry. She begins to stand up and that's when I see her fall backwards, almost like something with a lot of force had pushed her. Thankfully we were only on the fourth row. She hit the ground hard. I ran down to her, pulled her to her feet and we got out of there. We found out later on that we were the only ones in that building at that time. Needless to say, we never went inside that gym again.


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