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The Beautiful Enchantress from Beauty and The Beast

One Upon a Time, in a faraway land, there lived a beautiful queen and a handsome king. When they were young, the King and Queen were arranged to marry. Even though it wasn’t their choice, the two decided to make the best of it. The King offered the Queen a single vibrant red rose on the day of their wedding. She accepted and they worked hard to get along and enjoy each other’s company. Soon they grew fond of each other and they were truly happy together.

After a while, the romance faded from their union. The King spent his days counting his money, and hoarding expensive trinkets. He kept his things under lock and key, and all things belonged to him; his wife, the queen, he believed belonged to him as well. At first the queen was content to live in the castle and never visit the town. She had many books to keep her occupied, and she loved to paint the people and horizons around the castle.

As the years went by the queen grew restless. Even though the seasons changed, her paintings contained the same caged feeling. She even painted her husband as she saw him while he was working, as a big brown beast. She finished all the books in the library, everything from cooking to fairytales and magic spells; she hung as many paintings around the castle as she could, decorating the halls with her creations. She felt lonely and sought company from her husband, because her attention now was all on him, he consumed all of her time gluttonously. Soon, she became pregnant with a baby boy.

As the queen’s belly grew, she became more and more occupied with preparations. She spent more time with the mothers in the castle staff, putting together the nursery and reading all she could on newborns. During this time she became close friends with one in particular. Her name was Mrs. Potts, and she was a kind and loyal friend to the Queen. Mrs. Potts wanted nothing more than to have children like the Queen and promised to help her with the young prince as much as she could. The King quickly became impatient and any pride he felt for creating this child of his, melted into jealousy. He could not understand why all of his wife’s attention was on something that had not yet arrived. She had even painted a portrait of how she imagined her son would look when he grew up. The King came to the conclusion that everything will return to normal once his son was born.

However, once the young prince had arrived the queen’s sole focus was on her son. It seemed that she had forgotten all about the king and this outraged him. None of his money or possessions could satisfy his lust for her sole attention. Even his son did not seem to need or want him. The prince cried whenever the king held him, and the queen was the only one who could feed him.

Consumed by his negative emotions, the King in his clouded judgement banished the Queen. He told her she had to leave the castle and never return as long as he lived. Furthermore, their son belonged to him and him alone, and she was never to see him again. She fought to keep her son but the King’s forces were too powerful. As she fled, Mrs. Potts was able to slip her one last present. It was the only thing she could sneak out under her apron, a single book on magical spells.

The Queen, though disheartened and pained by the separation from her home, friends, and son, focused her energy into something productive. The book Mrs. Potts had managed to get to her consisted of a wide range of magic. Anything from how to summon the energy to spells of memory and transformation. She spent the next few years practicing magic, determined to find a way to see her son again. One day she was frustrated and struck a hand mirror with a blast of her powers. She shouted at that moment what she wanted to see most in the world. To her surprise, the mirror glowed and she could see a child. It was a boy that looked just like her, playing on an expensive rug surrounded by toys. Tears welled in her eyes at how much her son has grown. With long flowing locks and bright eyes.

Over time she watched her son become more and more like his father. He threw tantrums when he was told no, kicked and screamed when things were taken from him, and ordered the servants around like they were nothing more than the objects they looked after. This saddened the Queen for her son had suffered in her absence, and became his father.

She continued to practice magic as she watched her son grow. She was determined to return one day and make things right. Her opportunity finally arose one day while the king was out chasing a rare bird. It had been gifted to him by a foreign diplomat but had gotten out of its cage and flown out the window. The King slipped and fell from the roof tops and perished. Now that the king was dead, she was no longer forced to stay away from the castle. The queen feared that her son may be beyond her reach by now, so the queen came up with a test.

She disguised herself as an old beggar woman and approached the young prince. She offered him a single vibrant stunning red rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Surely this would prove his kindness is still present in his heart. He sneered at her and turned her away. She was disheartened but gave him one more chance, warning him not to be deceived by her appearance and to find the beauty from within. He dismissed her again and she could see that the king had corrupted her son for too long. The Prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. The Queen let her ugliness melt away to reveal her true beauty. The Prince instantly tried to apologize and beg forgiveness. He offered her a room in the castle and his company for dinner. The Queen, with a heavy heart, transformed him into a hideous beast, one she often envisioned the King as in her paintings. She placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived within it. The castle, once shining and beautiful, became a reflection of those lonely in her paintings; it took on a dark and caged like feeling. The staff became as the Prince saw them, objects he owned. As a reminder of what he could have become, she hung in his room the painting of her son as she had envisioned him all those years ago.

She was not completely without faith, she left him her magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered, which would bloom until his twenty-first year, she had place under his care as well. She hoped he would learn again how to love, and be loved in returned. However, for Mrs. Potts she spared her a completely lonely life and granted her something she could not have as a human. She gave her a few children of her own to take care of. To spare the further torment of her son knowing that this curse was bestowed upon him by his own mother, she wiped clean all the memories of her residing in the staff. As her last gift to her son, she gave him a chance to change, then disappeared into the night.


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