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Dr. Spencer Reid is a Supervisory Special Agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. This unit in the FBI tries to uncover clues of the criminals by interpreting the crime scene. The team of profilers look for clues on the criminal’s behavior, often times the team uncovers clues of the unknown subject. For example, in Season 2 Episode 15 the team realizes that an un-sub named Tobias Hankel turned into a serial killer because of his early childhood. So what about Spencer Reid’s childhood caused him to join the FBI and chase serial killers and rapists?

Spencer Reid had a very unique childhood. He has an eidetic memory, an IQ of 187, and can read 20,000 words a minute. His intelligence was a very unique gift but it caused extreme bullying and ridicule anywhere he went. He was bullied by teachers, by kids, even his own father would constantly make fun of him. The only person who accepted Spencer was his own mother. His mother was also a very intelligent woman who constantly read to Spencer.

One day, Spencer was just leaving the library minding his own business. And a 225 pound starting middle linebacker on the football team knocked all 10 of his books on the ground and shoved him into a locker. Reid was used to this kind of stuff so he wasn’t fazed at all. The linebacker didn’t see any disturbance from Spencer so he got into his face and started yelling at him. Spencer stayed calm until the linebacker said, “Tell your mom to wear something tight for me tonight.” Spencer finally lost it, he punched the linebacker as hard as he could in the face. That’s when the fight began, Spencer was getting whooped up on until a teacher broke it up and took both students to the Principal’s office. Reid’s mom came to the school and had to talk to the principal herself. Both Spencer and his mom were in the office until the principal asked to speak to Spencer’s mom alone. When Spencer left the room, he realized he forgot his favorite book, The Narrative of John Smith by Arthur Conan Doyle. So he entered back into the office and what he witnessed changed his perspective on life forever. He saw the principal forcing himself on to his mother. Spencer and his mom went to the cops and got his principal fired and sent to prison. Ever since that tragic day, Spencer Reid committed his life to fight crime and to seek justice for the physically and emotionally abused.

Although this incident wasn’t the best, there is a positive side to it. Without one negative moment, lives would be lost without the ever so powerful mind of Spencer. Reid is a very unique man that understands saving lives is just another day on the job for him.


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