ByStephanie Perkins, writer at

I've had several incidences occur but this one was the first one.

We had lived in this apartment duplex for about seven years. My parents never said anything about having occurrences with spirits. My dad is a skeptic but my mom believes in ghosts. At the time of this happening, I was ten years old. My mom was at work so it was just my brother, my dad and myself. It was in the middle of the day. We were in the living room and my brother was sitting next to my dad (he was about four years old) on the couch and I was sitting on his other side. We were watching a show about paranormal sightings in a warehouse. My dad was telling us about the different warehouses he had worked at when I saw a ghostly little boy with a bowl style haircut, he was blonde, he looked pale, he had on a white collared shirt with the old time overalls that were shorts with embroidery on the straps, knee high socks, black leather shoes with a gold buckle in the middle and he looked no older than six years old. I froze and stared at him and he turned his head and with each turn, it was like a time lapse. You could still see the slight outline of his face with each movement like he was stuck in time or in slow motion. He looked at me then disappeared. I wasn't scared of him but I was scared of the situation because that had never happened before. My dad was still chattering on and my brother was all smiles like neither of them just saw this boy.

I never brought it up to my parents because I didn't want there to be an argument or anything because my dad wouldn't believe me and my mom would ignore it like it was an omen of some sort.


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