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Billionaire playboy/inventor, Tony Stark's, life is an open book. Especially with the declaration from the first Iron Man film, "I am Iron Man." One thing we don't know about him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is his parentage. Sure we know his father was brilliant inventor, Howard Stark, but who is his mother? Is she important? Maybe not. Maybe that's the reason she's never been revealed. But, since Howard Stark's scientific specialty wasn't genetics (that we know of), Tony had to come from somewhere, right? Could it be that the maternal side of Tony's family has closer ties to the MCU than we thought?

Tony's mother is nowhere to be found in the Iron Man series. She might be deceased. Howard Stark is. But, what if she's not? What if she is still alive, but now very old ? We've seen her before. We've seen her when she was young. We've seen her as a sickly older woman. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you who I believe could be Tony Stark's mother. The one, the only...

Peggy Carter


That's right. Captain America's paramour from World War II. Let's think about this.

It's clearly established that Howard and Peggy know each other. They've worked together several times from Captain America: The First Avenger to the Agent Carter TV series. Yes, I know, she still pines for Steve Rogers who is still a popsicle during the Agent Carter series, and she doesn't always like Howard, but, circumstances continually bring them together. It's hard to fathom that she would remain celibate during the Captain's decades-long suspended animation. So, what would bring two very different people together in a very intimate way?

Well, Peggy is a British agent. She is working in the U.S. during the Agent Carter series. We don't know how long she's meant to be here. Is she on loan from the British government? Is she a U.S. citizen now? We don't know. If she were ever in danger of being deported, marrying a U.S. citizen would be one way of staying in the country. And, who in the U.S. does she know better than Howard? Of course, it wouldn't be love between the two that forces them to do this. She will probably be on a personal, top-secret mission and needs to remain here. Stark will help her out, one because he likely has some ties to her mission and two because he feels he owes her for deceiving her during the Agent Carter series.

As I said before, Peggy is not always the biggest fan of Howard's. But, Howard is a charming rogue like his son will be many years later. And, it only takes one crazy night. Peggy isn't the type of person that would settle down even after giving birth and she's made a fair amount of enemies through the years. To keep her child safe, she leaves young Tony with his father knowing he'll want for nothing in life. Peggy and Howard secretly divorce and Howard remarries. This is the woman Tony Stark eventually will call "mother." Who knows how Howard convinces his new bride to go along with the ruse. Maybe she's a reformed criminal who is promised the easy life if she plays ball. But, Tony Stark does not know his real mother.

Agent Peggy Carter


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