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CJ A Glover

My name was, hmm, well I don't really remember what my name was. I haven't heard it in a very long time; maybe it started with an L. Larry? Lance? Lawrence? That isn't very important; the name I'm known by now is Morpheus, but obviously there was a time before I was Morpheus.

Those disclaimers that come on television, the ones that tell you how you should never try the things you see on TV at home. Those were written for me. I was a bit of a daredevil as a child. Constantly pushing the limits of what I could do. I was a nightmare for my mother.

The thing I loved to do the most was climb. Anything and Everything, getting as high as I could. Feeling the wind blow against me as if I can almost kiss the sky. What I would have gave to be able to soar through that sky.

As I got older I gravitated towards the extreme sports, bmx, skateboarding, and rollerblading. Any trick I wanted to learn I wouldn't stop until I got it, which didn't take long. This is where I got the nickname Morpheus although for a silly reason, my friends explained that I was able to land moves "they could only dream about". Soon after I moved to bigger things like motocross. I devoted almost all of time to it, racing bikes, doing bigger and better tricks. I've broken multiple bones but I always came back for more.

That eventually got old, there was less and less competition coming. People refused to race against me saying I was too dangerous. Luckily my many winnings in the sport had managed to fund a better hobby. I moved on to even more extreme sports, rock climbing and base jumping. I did it all before the age of 17.

Then right before my trip to go parachuting my parents discovered my fake id. They took me to a doctor, put me on pills to calm me down. It completely destroyed all desire I had to really do anything. I started spending more time in my room. It gave me this weird amount of thinking time. It was something I hadn't done in a really long time, just sat there and really thought about things. It suddenly made a lot of sense why I was always keeping busy, so I wouldn't have to. Running to escape my thoughts of whether this world was real, and why it never felt that way. Why something always felt wrong or not quite right. It all felt so artificial and for the first time I felt like I was really seeing the creases in this two dimensional world we were living in. My only desire now was to see who or what was pulling the strings in this puppet show.

I bought myself a computer, learned how to use it. I looked to find if anyone else felt like I did. I began to search all I could to find out the truth of this world. I became known in the underground by my pen name Morpheus. They said it fit since I was so quick I was in and out of servers so fast that it was as if my even being there was just a dream. I hacked anything and everything I could think of to figure out the truth but it kept running me around in circles. Two words kept coming up however, "The Matrix". I became obsessed, even in my dreams the question "what is the Matrix?" kept coming up.

One day everyone else wasn't home, the house phone rang and I answered it.

(O) "Hello Morpheus" the lady's voiced greeted me.
(M) "Sorry, you have the wrong number."
(O) "I don't think I do."
(M) "Who is this?"
(O) "Who I am isn't important, it's who you are that's important."
(M) "What are you talking about?"
(O) "You're looking for something Morpheus and I want to help you."
(M) "You know what it is?"
(O) "Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but you'll never know if you don't find out"
(M) "Stop talking in riddles lady and tell me what you're talking about."
(O) "If you want to know the truth you'll be at the bench in the park around 3:15 tomorrow." Then she hang up, gone leaving me with more questions than answers.

The next day I went to the park. Sat there on the bench waited for someone to come. Lots of people came but none of them seemed to have any clue what I was there for. Then this black lady walked over, older, kind of seemed like she could be someone's grandmother. Very unassuming lady. She sat down next to me and I didn't think much of it at first, then she began to talk.

(O) "Hello Morpheus"
(M) "You're the one who called me?"
(O) "Yes I am"
(M) "Who are you?"
(O) "We talked about that Morpheus."
(M) "No games, just tell me who you are."
(O) "It's not quite that easy, but although I don't like the name others call me Oracle."
(M) "Oracle?"
(O) "Yes."
(M) "Like a psychic"
(O) "Something like that."
(M) "I'm out of here."

I began to leave but I didn't get very far.

(O) "Aren't you tired of being asleep?"

I sat back down.

(M) "What do you mean?"
(O) "I'm asking, if you're ready to wake up."
(M) "Yes"
(O) "You have great potential Morpheus, I haven't seen many people take to this as quickly as you have. Not many have been quite so eager to peak behind the curtain. I have a good feeling about you. I've been doing this for a lot longer than I'd like to. It's about time that someone else took over. I'd like for that person to be you. However, you need to know, this is a one way ticket; once you open up Pandora's Box you can't close it back if it's too much for you to handle. Once you learn the truth, that's it, you can never go back to your blissful ignorance."

That was heavy, I didn't know what to think. I had been so focused on knowing the truth but now that it was staring me right in the face, part of me couldn't help but feel, terrified. She stared at me expectantly, waiting for an answer, but my voice wouldn't come out. Is it all worth it? Her words "aren't you tired of being asleep" echoed in my head and the truth is, I was.

(M) "What is the Matrix?"
(O) "I can't tell you that."
(M) "Why not?"
(O) "It's not something I can tell you about, something I can explain; it's something you just have to see and experience for yourself."
(M) "How?"
(O) "That's the easy part. Here is your final chance to turn back. In my hands I have two candies. In one hand I have a red candy, the other hand has a blue candy. You take blue and you stay asleep, the curtains stay closed, you won't remember ever seeing me. You take red and you get to see what's really on the other side."

Well, obviously we know which one I chose. The rest is history.


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