ByXander Nelson, writer at

In 1999, a family of four; two children and their parents bought a fish tank. Inside this tank were multiple fish, a rock, a decorative rock house, and a fake pineapple. One fish, living day by day, with nothing better to do, developed stories in his mind for these three objects. The fish began creating characters in his mind, with one living in each object. Other characters were made up from his experiences, such as when he used to be in fish tank with a crab, or the squirrel that he occasionally sees outside the houses window. Other than the fishes that lived in the tank, a sponge was growing in one of the corners, along with a starfish, suction cupped to the wall. The fish decided that the sponge should live in the fake pineapple, and the starfish under the rock. And as for the house, a despicable squid that he used to live with.

As years passed, the fish came up with different scenarios every day, involving all of these characters. With nothing else to do, the fish made stories with its mind, and over time, developed personalities for them. Every day was a different story with a different plot, some were interesting, and some were completely pointless and bizarre. The fish became very close with these imaginary stories and characters. Over the years, the fish has become quite old and feeble, but his mind and characters have stayed the same. Everyone that the fish made up is the same age as they were when it first created them. Even to today, the fish is still swimming in that same old fish bowl, making up scenarios in his mind.


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