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Before Andros destroyed Zordons cryogenic tube to save the universe. Before Zordon summoned 5 teenagers with attitude to become the Power Rangers. Before he came to Earth he was born on a planet called Eltar.

The people of his planet were like that of any other planet except a select few were chosen to be protectors of other worlds.

As a small boy Zordon would play in the fields of his planet and run freely without a care in his world. He would get in trouble and have fun doing it. He was a normal little kid. As he grew he was prepared for his destiny. At the age of 13 he was chosen to be the protector of a new planet called Earth. On his 13th birthday he was told what his destiny was and what he was to do. Scared at first he tried to run away. When the Eltar leader caught up to him he explained everything will be all right and introduced him to his new robotic friend Alpha 1. He quickly becamed attached to the little robot and they began training immediately. On his 16th birthday Zordon was given the powers of 8 creatures that roamed the earth known as Dinosaurs. He was then told he must go to earth immediately for it will soon be attack by an evil witch Rita Repulsa.

When Zordon arrived he was at the age of 20. As soon as he stepped onto the surface of the a new planet he could feel something wasn't right. Plant life was dying and so were the great powerful creatures known as Dinosaurs. He found the 8 Dinosaurs he was given the powers of so he could save them into metal coins that came from Eltar. Tyranasaurus, pterodactyl, mastodon, triceratops, sabre tooth tiger, stegosauras, velocuraptir, and Saurolophus. Sealed in the coins he would protect them for what seemed to him thousands of years but in earth time it would be millions. After capturing the Dinosaurs he used the power of 8 to become the ultimate force. He scanned the enviroment and earth til he found Rita Repulsa. After attenpting to give her a warning to leave the earth a battle broke out. A battle that humans would never hear of but a batlle that lasted centuries. One day in battle Alpha 1 was damaged. Zordon called on to the leader of eltar to help his friend as a response he was sent Alpha 2. He pulled Alpha 1s memory chip and implanted it into Alpha 2. At the end of the batlle Zordon was able to lock Rita and her minions in a cell just in time for the human race to start. He stood there as the first humans began to inhabit the Earth.

Zordon & Alpha in the Power Rangers
Zordon & Alpha in the Power Rangers

The year is 8033 B.C. and Zordon begins to realize he ages differently. Zordon and Alpha 2 find an area to build a home. Zordon looked at his friend and saw that he might need to upgrade in order for him to help build. He needed one that was a lot stronger. After some time Alpha 4 arrives on earth to help Zordon build his home. With the memory chip in place they build the command center from materials that can only be found on Eltar. He needed materials that wouldn't age or fall apart like Earth materials. Once his command center was built he required one more Alpha upgrade. Once Alpha 5 arrived he left him to guard Earth as he went to a distant planet to fight Ivan Ooze. Many years passed until he returned with the jail cell contain Ivan Ooze and his robots that way he can make sure they never appear to harm anyone again. Buried deep in the ground he returns to the command center. Once there he realized that the great powers that come from those coins can never all be in one beings hands. Keeping 5 of the coins he ships 3 to Eltar before he enters his Cryogenic tube. He enters a deep slumber to not awake until Rita gets freed from her jail he left on the moon.




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