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If you don't already know Chris Hansen from his work on to catch a predator then you are missing out!

Chris Hansen, best known for Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" from 2004-2008, wants you to be apart of his team.

He is putting this project on Kickstarter so us, the viewers, can feel like we are apart of community that works night and day to keep us safe. Honestly I think this is a fantastic idea, because it gives predators the scare factor again. They know that he is back out there trying to find them and put them in an iron cage.

This project has reached it's goal of $75,000 and has 5 days left on the shows current posting.

Time has changed since To Catch a Predator. As stated in his video, kids are now at an all time high of being tracked by a Predator do to the improvements in social media. I honestly think he is correct and it scares me to think that they may be stalking some child somewhere because of our new found freedom.

For only $100 you will be credited as a backer of this amazing project that is coming back for a second ride.

There are multiple awards on Kickstarter, that you should see for yourself. Go check out Hansen vs. Predator.


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