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"Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love."

- William Shakespeare.

ANGEL SALVATORE wakes up to voices pounding in her head. She feels disoriented, with everything around her being a blur of formless shapes and sounds. Slowly, her vision clears and she finds herself in a hospital bed, in a busy hospital. She tries getting up, but a bolt of pain shooting through her body stops her from getting fully upright.

When she’s finally able to sit up, her face meets the gaze of BARNELL BOHUSKA, a handsome boy sitting on the edge of his bed staring at her, intently.

“You know, staring at girls like that would generally get you a slap in the face”

“You were talking in your sleep --- I wanted to join in but, you know, that would just be awkward for everyone,” he says.

He tells Angel that they were brought into the hospital together, saying they were both pretty badly hurt. The boy says that he was in a car coming back from a wedding when all of a sudden a storm came out of nowhere and knocked his car into a light stand.

Angel can’t remember much, to her shock. But she does remember a storm and her Dad, and that he rushed to try and protect her. In a matter of moments they started talking, sensing a warmth in his voice and manner, begins lowering her guard against her better judgement.

He tells her that she looks a lot better now. Angel returns the compliment. “I know who you are” he says “I know who we are” Angel says that they have to leave, before the anyone finds out. Angel tells him that they have to leave, anywhere but to her father. The boy suggests seeing his friend, who, he says, is also like them, as people with unique abilities.

They go to meet him, in an abandoned home they took up as their squat. As soon as the two arrive, they are greeted by a burly-looking young man looking down with one eye resting in the middle of his head, where two normal eyes should be. After an explanation from Barnell, he lets them in. The burly boy tells Angel his name is Basilisk, and that the boy with her is named Beak. When asked why his name is Beak, Barnell becomes coy. When Angel presses him for an answer, he finally relents.

Barnell breathes and his head takes on the avian features, and his hands turn into talons. Except for his clothes, he had transformed into a large humanoid bird.

Barnell wants to know what her power is. He taunts her, asking if she even has any powers, or she's a total muggle. Angel calls his bluff and removes her jacket and lets it drop on the floor. Shimmering wings sprout from her shoulders from what once seemed like intricate tattooed markings.

Angel flaps her wings and flies up through the rafters of what used to be the second floor. Basilisk and Barnell/Beak raucously applaud. Now, she just needs a name, they say. Angel looks around at the scattered books and her focus goes to a book of Shakespeare’s. My name is Tempest, she says.

They stay in the house that night. Angel is woken up by Barnell, shaking her. “Quick get up! The cops are here! We have to get out!” - he says.

They run out of the back, before the cops break down the door.

Barnell says he needs something from his home. They run back to Barnell’s house. Barnell tells her to hug him, as he has stronger wings, and Barnell jokes if that makes them friends with benefits.

Inside his room, Barnell rifles through is belongings. Just then his father, ANTONIO bursts into his room. He grabs his arm, demanding what has happened to him after he went missing from the hospital. “Leave me alone!” he yells, trying to rush past him out of his room.

Barnell tells his father, Antonio that he walked out on him long ago just like he walked on this mother. Antonio makes a move to grab his son. His hand changes to claws and throws him back, knocking him to the ground. Antonio is stunned and shocked, and Barnell makes a break for the hallway, downstairs and out the front door.

They run together and kept running until they were too tired to run anymore. Barnell quickly tells Angel that he was able to get enough money, all his own, so they could run away and that they all start a life together, looking out for one another. Tears well up in Angel’s eyes and she agrees. Basilisk makes smiles and nods. They put their hands together.

They pick up a car from an old friend named JULIAN KELLER, aka, HELLION and just as they are about to drive off, Angel turns on the radio. The address of a building that was burning sparks her memory. It was her father’s workplace. Angel insists that they drive there, just to make sure he is alright.

The drive up the office, and just as Angel is about to bolt out of the car, Barnell holds her arm, telling her not to go in. She breaks free of his grip and rushes in. He frantically presses the elevator but it’s stopped working. She covers her mouth with her arm and runs to the fire escape.

The wings sprout from her shoulders, and she half-flies up the stairs. She gets to his office and finds her father, PROSPERO there, frantically, collecting papers into his briefcase. In tears, he confesses to creating the storm that caused the accident and injuring her.

He breaks down and tells his daughter that he took revenge on his former business partner for stealing his company away from him. His business partner happens to be Antonio, Barnell’s father. Angel takes her father and drags her out of building. Prospero begs for her daughter's forgiveness, but she turns away. And runs back to Barnell's car.

Angel, enrages confronts Barnell with it. He admits it is true, that he knew all along that Antonio, his father had ruined Angel’s father’s career, but would not bring it up, for fear that it would break them up.

Angel, feeling betrayed and angry, told him that he can not run away with him, feeling that he broke her trust. Angel tells him she doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Through a tearful goodbye, they have a final hug. Barnell asks if Angel would ever forgive him. Maybe, she says. They decide to part ways.

Angel asks Barnell where will you go. Barnell replies, to find other like them. The is an awkward silence between them for a moment, and then Barnells pops the final question. “Will, I ever see you again?” “Maybe” She says. With that, Angel gives Barnell a kiss on the cheek. Barnell, Julian and Basilisk drive off.

Angel suddenly realizes there is something in her jacket pocket. She takes it out, and its a roll of money, with a note that read “You're welcome, babe - Beak”. Angel Salvatore takes a coach bus, out of the city.


Angel walks into at a gentleman’s club, at the front desk, and puts the flyer in front of the bouncer. The manager steps out, an older and streetwise looking blonde woman who has kept some of her youthful beauty.

“Can I help you?” - she asks.

“Oh hi, your club is looking for new dancers, right?”

“Sure am, but can you dance?

Angel gives a little whirl. Something about her captures the manager’s eye and she smiles.

“You’re hired. What’s your name, hun?”

“Angel. Angel Salvatore.”


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