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All of us already know so much about The Flash, Arrow, and OBVIOUSLY Superman,but just how much do we all REALLY know much about the cousin, Supergirl? Well, never fear, the new TV show is here!

You can watch the promo here:

Not TOO MUCH has been revealed about the show, other than Lumberjack starring in it ,but what we DO know is:

Melissa Bensoit will be playing Supergirl herself
The pilot has already been filmed and will air this fall.

I've been browsing many,many articles on which villains and allies they may be introducing, but I didn't find much. Because i couldn't help myself,at all, I came up with my own list of who I think should be included in 'Supergirl'.

(Adam) Orion

Orion was a successful animal hunter,but he soon got really bored of it. He thought bigger, MUCH bigger, and eventually found his way into hunting down each and every one of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Adam then eventually joined the newly formed group, called the 'Legion of Super-Villains'.

He seriously seems like a really interesting character that should be looked into. As far as I know, Orion hasn't really been seen on TV, plus, in general, I would say he is quite underused. I think it'd be super interesting to see Kara or-El face a hunter, wouldn't you?


Known as one of the supreme enemies of both superman AND Supergirl, Darkseid is the ultimate "monarch" of the planet, Apokolips. He had once kidnapped Supergirl, and attempted to recruit her as a member to his new female furies team, until she was rescued by none other than batman and superman.

He has been seen in MANY TV shows, both animated and non-animated, such as Smallville, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave And The Bold,and so on.

The amount of "evil" that Darkseid is, possesses and employs makes him one of my favourite DC villains, EVER! His popularity is eccentric,and he would become EVEN more popular,if seen on Supergirl. Plus, his rivalry he has with Supergirl would REALLY be portrayed.

Adam Strange

Adam Strange is a sci-fi character from the 50s. He was at one point, teleported from Earth to another planet, known by the name ''Rann''. He was teleported by a Zeta Beam, where he discovers his to-be, iconic helmet,not to mention his red suit, in which he uses further onwards to pursue a superhero career on this planet.

Supergirl has rescued Adam and Hal from a squadron of the Thanagarian soldiers, who were in-fact, attacking them.

Again,this superhero hasn't been given the spotlight he deserves. I would absolutely LOVE to see him side to side with Supergirl, wouldn't it be OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD?! Eh,eh?


Artemis was born as member of the Bana Amazon sect, that had split off from the rest of The Amazons of Themyscira. She is THE greatest warrior of the Egyptian amazons of Bana-Mighdall. In-fact, she was, for a short amount of time, taking upon the title of Wonder Woman,after she was able to defeat Diana (Wonder Woman).

Artemis was the one who had personally trained Supergirl, when she came to Themyscira.

Artemis, unlike many other DC characters, has been seen in a few animated series, such as Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010), and Wonder Woman (2009). Not only is she one of my most FAVOURITE, badass, female heroes in the DC universe, but she would be an AWESOME addition to the Supergirl TV series,right?!

Poison Ivy

Pamela Isley, was a genius botanical biochemist, who was obsessed with the protection of all plants. She, Quinn, and Catwoman formed a team, called the Gotham City Sirens. Although her odds lay with Batman, she and her long-time friend, Harley Quinn, were being stopped by Supergirl from robbing a bank, together. Instead what happened at that event, was that Poison Ivy and Supergirl shared a kiss, before she captures Ivy.

Poison Ivy;s power, I would say is very unique. That's what makes her character so special. She's been seen in multiple animated series, such as Young Justice (2012 - 13) , Gotham Girls , Batman: The Brave and The Bold, etc. The younger version of Ivy is even appearing in Gotham! Her addition to Supergirl's cast would be most interesting. On the plus side,we'd see her with other heroes, other than the usual!

Granny Goodness

SHE, is not only the coolest granny, like, ever, but also an absolute must to have on the show.

Granny Goodness is the leader of the Female Furies, a resident of Apokolips, and the trainer of Darkseid's troops. Granny attempted to recruit and train Supergirl as one of the Female Furies, but was only stopped by Superman and Batman, with the help of Big Barda and Poison Ivy.


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