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So we have all seen the 2 teasers for Episode 7 - The Force Awakens right?

How much are we hyped up about this film? How many people voted that it was WAY better than the Batman vs Superman teaser that came online - first as a leaked trailer then a proper one. So much to talk about. The way that the film is made without so much CGI and the fact that there are SO MANY references to the Original Trilogy.

Before we see the crashed Star Destroyer and X-Wing. Before we see all the other amazing scenes, teasing us bit by bit as the teaser goes on we see the logo below

Damn cool LUCASFILM logo
Damn cool LUCASFILM logo

Amazing view of the latest LUCASFILM logo, doesnt it look good?

The GREAT thing i find about this teaser is that DISNEY bought out LucasFilm as we all know BUT maybe ( i think ) they didnt want to hurt us Star Wars fans by following with the next image below:

Damn cool DISNEY logo
Damn cool DISNEY logo

Nothing against Disney at all personally.

As we all know all the Disney films whether they be original Disney movies, Pixar films, Pirates of the Carribbean ones ALL start with this display.

BUT i DID notice that the second teaser for Star Wars : Episode VII - The Force Awakens DOESNT start and NEVER appears in it at all the Walt Disney Logo. I noticed this and wondered if anyone else did?

I DO hope that when the movie comes out in December ( AT LAST!!) that they don't incorporate the Disney logo. I hope Disney know what they´re doing and that STAR WARS fans around the world don´t like big changes like Disney logos before or just after the LUCASFILM logo follow by A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY ...


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