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I've had a lot of scary experiences growing up, I saw my first ghost when I was 9 and it completely freaked me out! Over the years I have experienced seeing them and never really had a bad experience until 2012, when my boyfriend, our son and I moved into our first flat. I never really had a weird feeling when we moved in and the first few months were fine. My boyfriend use to have to work long hours in the summer so would sometimes end up staying at work, that's when it all started to happen. At first I would just hear footsteps or banging, I just ignored it and thought if I blocked it out it would go away. One night I walked past the airing cupboard on the way to bed and something started banging in there. I got such a fright but pulled myself together and opened the cupboard, nothing was inside. I was so scared and was up most of the night. A few weeks later my son who had just turned one at the time, and I were at home, I was colouring my hair and went out the bathroom, 30 mins later I walked toward the bathroom and the door which was open slammed shut and I heard the lock turn, I was so confused and tried to open the door and it wouldn't budge, then all of a sudden it started shaking and something was banging on the door I was petrified and almost grabbed my son and ran out the flat( we were on the 2nd floor so no one could of climbed through the window into the bathroom) but I stood my ground and kept trying to push the door open, I started yelling, go away, u aren't welcome here!! The banging and shaking stopped, the locked turned and the door opened. There was no one there. A few nights later my son woke up screaming, I ran into the room and he was pointing in the corner saying man, man, man. There was no one there, but the room felt weird. I again said go away u aren't welcome here. My son slept by me that night, he was so scared. A few weeks later my boyfriend and I were both asleep when suddenly I woke up with immense pressure on my chest and it felt like someone or something was straggling me, I couldn't move, it was like I was paralysed, I thought I was going to die, I started kicking my feet and trying to scream and my boyfriend shot up and grabbed me, I finally could breath. We moved out shortly after but once we were settled in our new house my little boy was playing in the garden and came running in the house screaming, that man is here, he was petrified, there was no one there. I had a few similar experiences in that house and my little boy would wake up screaming about this man in his room. I was strangled again in my sleep and that will always be such a scary experience. It only seemed to bug my son and I, my boyfriend never experienced anything. Eventually we moved again as we had our daughter and needed a bigger house. Things were quiet for the first few months but now it's starting again. My daughter who is one wakes up screaming, looking frantically at the ceiling, darting her eyes around the room. She is petrified. I've heard footsteps upstairs, loud bangs and scratching and last night I couldn't sleep and felt like something was in my room, I then heard whispers in my ear, I couldn't make out what it was saying. I'm not sure what or who it is but I know now it's not the houses, we either have something that it's attached too or its attached to me. And the fact that it's so violent, that's what scares me the most...


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