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So I decided to have a bit of fun and do a fan casting for a prequel movie for Game of Thrones. I've always loved the show and wonder what a prequel movie about Robert's Rebellion would have been like.

So I've decided to fan cast some of the roles in the movie as if money was no object, now these are my personal choice's but with all my post I like to get feedback and different views from the community, just because I feel someone might be right for the role someone else might have an idea of someone else I never thought off. I only done a few, so if I missed out someone you'd like to see then add them in the comments.

Eddard (Ned) Stark

Although I think Sean Bean was amazing for this role, you need to have younger actor to play him. So that is way I've gone with Chris Hemsworth, as he is great actor and has a similar look and build to both the book and TV show version of Eddard.

Robert Baratheon

For this one I was torn between Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy but decided to go with Cavill, again he has the look of Robert but also has played similar roles in the past.

Rhaegar Targaryen

For this one I was think Charlie Hunnam from Son's of Anarchy but decided against it and went with Alex Pettyfer instead. Although I think Hunnam would make a good Rhaegar I just don't think he has the same look or build of what I believe Rhaegar would have been. I think Alex although not a great actor at the minute could grow into the role.

Lyanna Stark

This one I went for a small actress but someone I think could do the part justice she was excellent as Morgana in the King Arthur TV series on BBC and has a role in the new Jurassic Park movie which could see her become a bigger star her name is Katie McGrath.

The Mad King

I think Jason Isaac's would be great, I've loved him in all the villain roles he has done. He's a great actor and would play the role with the right levels of creepy and evil that the role demands.

So that's my picks as I said this is my own ideas I'd love to hear your's. Who would you pick over my choices, what other characters would you like to see in a prequel movie and who would you cast in the role.

Thanks for reading.


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