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Claire Snee

I was in 2nd year in high school (I was 13) and I had two best friends at the time. Our lunch break was an hour long and my house was the closest to our school so we went back to mine near enough every lunch time. We would normally all have our food and just talk about what ever nonsense that happened at school but we started to notice a flicker in most of my lights in the kitchen, so my friend Stevie* asked me and kady* if we have ever had any ghost experiences and only Stevie had, she said that she always heard things at night and always saw a grey-ish figure in her room. Me, I was never a believer in ghosts so I just laughed it off, then my lights went out and my kitchen door slammed shut! Safe to say we were a little freaked out so we went back to school.

After that happened we would always come back to my house for lunch every day, we thought it was such a great rush because ever I started to get excited, but soon the excitement was going to change. We started leaving my house covered in scratches of some sort, mine was all over my arm. Kady's was on her chest and Stevie was all over her back! This was the part where all the giggling stopped and we all had blank faces. Now we all were scared while walking up to school and luckily we were all in the same classes so at least we were able to try and make sense of what happened!

The last last day I can remember of this abnormal experience, it was on a Friday, everything seemed to happen on a Friday haha. We all did our usual and make food a talk I just put on my food to cook and Kady went to the toilet, me and Stevie just talked between us while kady came out the bathroom, kady came out and Stevie went in. I put Stevies toast on (that was her favourite thing) I was just chatting away to Kady and seconds later Stevie came running out panicking! But it was only because the toilet wouldn't flush and she thought it was the "ghost", we all laughed and I just told her to try again in a minute so she went back into the bathroom, locked the door so me and kady just kept talking with each other. It had been around 5-10 minutes since we started talking and my food was ready and Stevies toast was ready too and then we both remembered "wait didn't she only go into the toilet to try and flush again?" So we screamed on her and screamed and nothing!

Next minute we hear screaming and crying so we tried to open the bathroom door and normally I can do it with a spoon but it wouldn't budge at all! Next minute we heard a scream and a loud bang and the door swung wide open and seeing what I saw makes me still scared to this day.

When I opened my bathroom door Stevie was crying on the floor at the opposite side of the room (my bathroom is pretty big and long so there is no way that she could have been budging the door and make it there for the door to just burst open) so we were totally freaked out and we went back into my kitchen and we were really just sat in silence and we heard slamming of my bedroom door and we heard this voice that we couldn't make out so we all ran into my room and my bed, my chair were all tipped over, my wardrobe was open and clothes hanging out so we were all freaked out and ran back to school.

I was so confused nothing like that ever happened when my parents were in so I was so scared to go back home after school because my parents weren't in and wouldn't be back until 9pm that night. As we were walking back to school we were all covered in scratches and marks all over us. After school I came back with an other one of my friends that I didn't tell about what happened in case I scared her so we were in my house and nothing happened, everything was normal (except my bedroom!!) and when my parents got in I was far too scared to tell them, so I went to my brothers house and told him everything. He done a lot of research and had a few experiences of a "nasty spirit" as he called it and told me that the energy of the spirit should have died out by now if it's been going on for so long so I shouldn't be scared because it should stop very soon. What he and I were confused about was the fact the "nasty spirit" only ever did anything when both kady or Stevie were in the house and never when my parents or even just me in the house?

I went back home and I was getting ready for bed (now that my room was all cleaned up!!) and I turned on my TV and had a dim light on and as I turned around I saw this black figure behind me I stared at it for a few seconds but blinked and it was gone. I was scared so I went to phone kady but as I picked up my phone to call her she then started calling me she was all panicky and said "I was lying in my bed and looked at my window and saw a black figure standing there and when I went out to investigate it was gone" so we came to the conclusion that it was no coincidence, then we both remembered "Stevie!" The only problem with trying to contact Stevie is that she lived in the country side and never had service. She told us the story on Monday morning of what happened to her..

She and her sister were fighting/arguing and their parents were away to some party so they were trusted to be left alone, they had a really big house in the middle of no where so that in itself was creepy! Her sister got really annoyed and stormed outside in the garden and went into the summer house. Stevie told me she got a phone call on the house phone and it was her sister and she said "Stevie stop standing in the bathroom trying to freak me out you're just being stupid" and what Stevie replied with "I'm in the kitchen, look?" So Stevie ran out to the summer house and looked to the bathroom to see a blue/black figure and they took pictures to show me on Monday and apparently the figure stayed there for around 10 minutes and then the light went out so they both ran up to find nothing there and they checked every room and nothing so we guessed it was over.

Many months past after all of the stuff that went on and nothing ever happened in my house again, we came to the conclusion that the figures we saw were the "spirit" saying goodbye. I remember speaking to Stevie on MSN one night (yeah I know, long time ago eh?) and she told me if I could recognise were this picture was and I was like okay? So she sent me a photo of her,her sister and her 2 cousins on a bouncy castle as kids, and I told her I have no clue where it is, until I looked behind the picture and recognised it, it was my house!! I asked her why were you in my garden when she was younger!? And she said she forgot her Aunty lived there for years but their family had a huge family argument and never spoke and nasty things were said and unfortunately one of her family members died in the house that I live in! So that's why the only time anything ever happened was when Stevie was in..

I never believed in ghosts but I can tell you this, I do now. And this happened 5 years ago.


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