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The Thunderbolts have had a long, troubled past in Marvel comics. There have been many incarnations. What started as Baron Zemo's plans for world domination, the Thunderbolts became a superhero team formed by super villains seeking redemption. Later on the Thunderbolts were reshuffled to act as Norman Osbourne's hit squad. Shortly after the hit squad fell apart 'The Thunderbolts' was the name given to a Government sponsored prison reform project. General Ross then decided to make an anti-terror vigilante group called the Thunderbolts but like all other incarnations, it fell apart also.

So you can see the Thunderbolts aren't the most stable team in the Marvel comic-verse. But my question is...

Are the Thunderbolts coming to Captain America: Civil War?

In my opinion, yes. Why? 4 words...

General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross

Yes, when Marvel announced they had started production on Civil War along with the very extensive cast, it was revealed William Hurt would reprise his role as General Ross. Last time we saw Ross was way back in 2008 in Edward Norton's 'The Incredible Hulk'. As Ross has been given the middle name 'Thunderbolt', does this mean we will see his anti-terror vigilante group? Probably not, I think the Thunderbolts we'll see will be...

The super villain group forced to work for Stark and SHIELD

In the Civil War storyline, Stark and SHIELD bring together mostly B-list super villains and make them fight for the Pro-Registration side. This group's name was (you guessed it) The Thunderbolts. Although now that SHIELD is now (mostly) non-existent who could Tony turn to to take control of the Thunderbolts?

That's where General Ross comes in...

Remember in the post-credit scene in The Incredible Hulk, when Tony Stark meets with Ross and says, "we're putting a team together"? Well what if he wasn't talking about The Avengers, but was actually asking if Abomination could be used in 'The Thunderbolts Initiative'?

Although after joining The Avengers Tony sees no need for The Thunderbolts and scraps the idea. However, when Cap goes into hiding and begins building his support in Civil War, Tony calls upon Ross to assemble the Thunderbolts to even the odds. This is all just my theory and probably won't happen but I believe this would be a great way to introduce the Thunderbolts (and as a plus for Marvel, it means they would have the first super villain group come to life on screen instead of DC with 'Suicide Squad' coming out next year). I think there are a few obvious shoe ins for 'The Thunderbolts Initiative' if they do appear in Civil War. First up...

Baron Zemo

This is really a no brainer as Daniel Brühl has already been confirmed to play him. Zemo actually formed and lead the first incarnation of The Thunderbolts in the comics. In the Civil War storyline, Tony asked Zemo to help recruit villains to the cause. I don't think they'll go down this route as Tony wouldn't trust Zemo this much seeing as this is the first time we are meeting him on screen. He will probably be taken into custody at the start of this film and then recruited by Ross. With all the destruction of Civil War going on, Zemo could slip away at the end of the fight with his new teamates and the true Thunderbolts would be born!!


Now as far as I'm aware, Abomination has never been a part of The Thunderbolts but there's a first time first time for everything! It would be a great way to re-introduce this seemingly forgotten character. Also wouldn't it be great to have someone that could go toe to toe with Hulk in the MCU? So far the only person that has fully taken on Hulk in the MCU is Iron Man in the Hulkbuster armour and that was immense! So give us more Marvel!


Bullseye was a member of The Thunderbolts during Civil War and although his role wasn't particularly big, his presence was still felt. Bringing Bullseye in would be a nice way to tie Daredevil into the whole plot (I know they haven't officially met yet in the MCU, but they could work around that saying DD has been tracking Bullseye's activities for a while). I feel that Bullseye needs a bit of cinematic redemption after his weird portrayal in Ben Affleck's DD movie (which we shall not speak about) and Civil War is exactly the place for him to start, even if it is a small role.


Ulysses Klae is a member of The Master's of Evil in the comics, not the Thunderbolts. But Andy Serkis needs to return to the MCU sooner rather than later and hopefully with his new Vibranium arm/weapon. For the short time he was in Age of Ultron, he played the character amazingly well (who knew Serkis had a South African accent nailed?!). Also this is a good way to tie Black Panther into the story, who's being played by Chadwick Boseman next summer.


Last time we saw Brock Rumlow he was being stretchered off in an ambulance after being severly injured and burnt. Hopefully by 2016, when Frank Grillo reprises the role we'll see him in all his villainous glory...

In The Winter Soldier Rumlow was extremely loyal to Hydra so it makes sense if he associates himself with Zemo. He would then be more likely captured with Zemo and they would join the Thunderbolts together. Also Crossbones is a reoccuring Thunderbolt in the comics so it makes sense to add him in the team. Although he isn't a member at the time of Civil War, he plays a very important role in the aftermath of the battle (not spoiling it but people who have read the Civil War series will know what I mean)

If this was the lineup of the MCU Thunderbolts I would be ecstatic but...

What do you think?

Do you agree/disagree with my choices for Thunderbolt membership or do you have any more ideas?? Let me know in the comments!!

Thanks for reading! Until the next time!!!


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