ByAustin Herman, writer at

Steve Rodgers spent another day loathing his office job and aching for the thrill of the battlefield. He had been turned down countless times for his size and other complications. Mr. Rodgers had reached the point of acceptance and had come to the realization that he would never be able to fight for this country. However, one day changed this for him forever.

At the factory where Steve held his office position, there was also a secret development program that was working on super soldiers. After being assigned to file a report on the unsuccessful findings of this program, Rodgers decided to look into this field personally. He found that the main ingredients of the company’s serum included whey protein, seawater, and American ingenuity.

Rodgers developed his own serum into which he mixed his grandmother’s magical chocolate chip cookies. Unaware of the chemical changes occurring in his serum, Steve took a dose three times what the recommended amount would have been. The cookies and the whey protein isolate combined to perform a newly discovered particle known as a super-protein. Unlike other proteins which help rebuild, super-proteins encourage extreme amounts of growth and super speeded improvement and repair.

Without realizing it Steve Rodgers had made himself the greatest soldier in American history. After several weeks of taking the serum and noticing his frame filling out and his diseases fading, Rodgers decided to give enrollment one last shot. The tests were successful and Steve was given the chance to serve his country. I guess you could say that the rest is history.


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