ByJack MClain, writer at

As a child Jack MClain always enjoyed watching his father make things, his fathers inventions always facinated him as he also wished to be like his father someday he thought that it would all last forever and they would all be happy. Days later after his father finished one of his inventions he fell gravely sick, and was placed in a hospital. Everyone said it was cancer, but everyone said they werent sure, Jack would sit by his dad all day and all night until one day his father gripped his arm and told his son " Dont let them take my inventions Jack!!!" With his last breath, Jack looked at his dad shook him and yelled for his father he called for help and the doctors and nurses couldnt do anything now Jack was alone, alone with his thoughts. He was put under foster care taking his fathers inventions with him to keep them safe. As the days went by all he did was lay in bed thinking of his dad, his words echoeing in his head. There was knock on his door, he walked up to it and opened it to see his foster dad. The 6ft man walked inside petted Jacks hair and sat down on his bed, "Jack come sit by me." he said.

Jack walked cautiously towards the bed and sat down looking at the man sitting beside him. His foster parent told him he was a friend of his fathers and that they were working for a company that made weapons and that they wanted to use some of his stuff but they both said no and left the company. He explained that the company had poisoned his father and that they wouldnt stop until they got their hands on his inventions. Jack wanted vengeance he wanted to stop this company and make them pay for what they did to his father. The tall man said he would train him and make him stronger, so for 5 years they trained, made him stronger. 5 years later he was ready to take them down, but before he could do that, before he could get revenge he needed to become SPARROW.


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