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Simba - Mom, I still don't quite understand, why did dad and uncle Scar hate each other so much.

Nala - Yeah Sarabi I've never quite understood that.

Sarabi - Your dad loved his brother. I can't put all the blame on Scar though, your father didn't have a whole lot of respect for his brother.

Simba - What do you mean?

Sarabi - Have a seat and I'll tell you.

As you know for us lions being an alpha, being the king, is the most important thing in the world. It's the job of the previous king to choose his succesor and usually in the case of brothers the other is cast out to find his own pride. Your father was concerned that his brother may never find his own pride. So he allowed him to stay here but not with the other lions, he'd get food and he'd get protection but he was very much treated like an outcast.

It all went back to right before my father, the last king died. I was only a cub back then but I remember it vividly. Two small cubs from another pride were being foolish and hunting in our lands. They were driven out of their pride by a new king so they didn't have anywhere to go. My father had plenty of girls but try as he might he couldn't have any boys. He decided to let Mufasa and Scar into the pride and raise them as his own heirs.

The only problem is he had two heirs and only one throne. My father took to Scar, he enjoyed his intellect and they became close very quickly. Very soon Scar knew everything about how the pride was ran. My father even asked his opinion on some disputes and situations. He was clearly the one being groomed most to be king. However, though he was intelligent there were things he did lack that Mufasa had in spades. He didn't have Mufasa's kind heart and he clearly desired power and respect rather than making sure the pride's needs were met. He was clearly not king material. On the contrary my father felt that Mufasa's kind heart would eventually get him killed. The throne was all but promised to Scar. Rafiki was my father's most trusted adviser. Rafiki took to Mufasa, teaching him all he could. Teaching him about the wisdom he'd need to be king and all about the circle of life. Mufasa loved him dearly and always respected his judgment. He'd hoped that one day when you were old enough Rafiki would teach you how to be king just like he'd taught him once upon a time ago.

I was the oldest of my sisters so I was entrusted with finding which one I wanted to mate with and take my place as queen. They both would come to me in an attempt to court me. Scar was cunning and intelligent. He was free spirited and crafty doing what he needed to in order to get ahead. I respected him greatly but also I feared him in a way. I knew that he was potentially dangerous, he just didn't think like the rest of us. Mufasa however, he was bold, brave and strong. Wise beyond his years and caring. With a big heart he loved and respected all of us in his new family. He was this shining light that encompassed us all and it was truly a joy to be around him. I still miss him every day.

credit to Outlander1111
credit to Outlander1111

His light shined so bright though that Scar was left in the shadows. I had made my decision, Mufasa was the one I wanted to be with. Scar didn't take that kindly and demanded they battle for the role. The battle was fierce, both of them at their prime, they fought nearly to the death; your uncle Scar walking away with a Scar on his eye that he would have to live with forever. Mufasa showed him compassion that day which eventually came back to haunt him. Afterward they had forgone their previous identities to be named by the king, your father's name was chosen as Mufasa, which means king and the rightful successor of my father's thrown. Your uncle was given the name Scar, adding insult to injury forever being branded with the shame of his actions and his defeat. My father never looked at Scar the same way, he lost all respect for him. He would have cast Scar from the pride but Mufasa and I fought on Scar's behalf.

Mufasa, while disappointed in his brother's new identity, respected the king too much to challenge his word on the matter. Scar lived out the rest of his life with that name, eventually growing too old to even remember what his name was previously. Constantly being reminded of his shortcomings and inferiority in comparison to Mufasa. I grew to feel sorry for him. Against our better judgement on the wake of my father's death, when Mufasa took his place on the throne, Mufasa and I chose to let Scar stay. Mufasa at first was reluctant, knowing of his brother's thirst for power, but Scar had played up his meekness. Rafiki warned Mufasa of his brother's treacherous nature but Mufasa couldn't let go of his love for his brother.

credit to xhetsx
credit to xhetsx

Scar was made a kept man, sacrificing his self respect in order to be second in command to Mufasa. Even providing Mufasa with advice when he needed it. Rafiki retired to a life of ease while the brothers ruled together. Then Zazu was hatched and raised to become the king's majordomo carrying out his orders to the best of his abilities. Mufasa constantly felt Scar's teeth bearing closer and closer to his neck and didn't like it so he reduced his role further and further until he was barely of any use at all stripping him of what dignity he had left. Things grew quiet, Scar would show up for ceremonies and other events but he appeared to have lost his will for power. As it would turn out though Scar just began biding his time until the death of Mufasa to take his place as king; but then you were born Simba and all hope for Scar taking the throne was lost. Nothing to do all day makes the mind wander, Scar decided he wouldn't sit back and wait until he was eventually forced to be under your rule. That's how we got to where we were.

Simba - It's sad that Scar couldn't let go of his thirst for power.

Sarabi - When you came back, did you think, even for a second, of being under the rule of Scar? Or did you know that your place was as the king.

Simba - I guess I had never thought about it that way.

Sarabi - Scar wasn't all bad, Mufasa wasn't all good. He had cast out his brother, the hyenas, other lions. The world isn't so black and white Simba. You just have to work towards being the best king you can be, for Kiara.

Simba - I will mother.

Nala - Do you think that Scar is up there too Sarabi? In the sky with the other kings?

Sarabi - I hope so Nala, everyone deserves peace in death.


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