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When Battlefield 4 was launched, the gaming industry was going through a turbulent time. Hardware changes were affecting how developers were making their games and experimenting with new technology was causing more problems than had been anticipated. Everyone was selling either selling their 360's and PS3's to hop aboard the "new generation" train or defending the gaming consoles that had gotten them through those rough high school summers for the previous 8 years.

In the midst of this, Battlefield 4 was set to be the headlining FPS game of the new consoles. From my perspective, on the PlayStation 4 there were 3 first person shooters available at the launch of the system. These included Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call Of Duty Ghosts, and of course Battlefield 4. Considering Ghosts was considered by many to be the worst Call of Duty game of all time and Shadow Fall was more of a play one and done kind of game, BF4 had everything going for it to bring home the gold for the holiday season.

Unfortunately with the new generation technology, there were a lot of bugs with the game that the developers simply were not prepared for. Unfortunately, for about the first 6-8 months of the games life cycle, the multiplayer side was dancing between slightly functional and unplayable. Fortunately for the guys over at DICE, the games issues eventually were sorted out and BF4 became a very widely played entry into the Battlefield franchise. With the additional DLC offerings for the game, players found themselves revisiting some of the most popular maps from Battlefield experiencing the narrow hallways, twists, and turns of Chinese towns and villages, not to mention sailing through groups of islands in small watercraft.

Now, DICE is rewarding players even more for sticking with the game through the good times and the bad by releasing all future DLC content for free, regardless of if you are subscribed to Battlefield Premium or not. Going forward it looks like players can expect to see two brand new maps, three night versions of some of the most popular maps from BF4, on top of a handful of new guns.

If this content were coming out as a paid DLC, I have to admit that there might be some disappointment in the community since there isn't that much original content included. However, as a free addition to the game that is more or less a gift to the few and the proud that have stuck with the game and continue to play it, it really doesn't get much better. Considering the player base for this content is going to primarily be the most passionate of the Battlefield community, what better maps to release than new versions of the old ones?

Regardless of if you think this is an awesome move or some shady business move on DICE's part, there is free content to be had so I recommend taking part in the fun!


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