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This is the origin of Marty McFly meeting Doc Brown


"It's way too early, Mack."

"Shut up already! Did you bring the stuff?" Mack replied to James.

The boy ripped open his backpack, as several rolls of toilet paper bursted free. Another boy approached very sluggishly.

"About time, sleeping beauty." said Mack.

"What can I say? I guess the hooligan life just isn't in me." Marty fired back. "So why'd you get us up so early?"

Mack chuckled and slapped James' chest with his backhand, "We're going to toilet paper Strickland's house, right now, while it's still dark."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm in deep water with Strickland as it is, and I've got three more years with the guy." Marty said as he slowly backed away. "Plus, guys- everyone's already up because of that whole 'end of the world' fiasco."

"Exactly, doofus. We do it now, and everyone will see this masterpiece. All the school buses drive by Strickland's too, we'll be legends! Plus, most of the adults are over by the community shelter waiting this out."

Marty shook off Mack's reasoning and turned away. He made it a whole 10 steps apart when Mack shouted something that stopped him in his tracks.

"Chicken!" yelled Mack followed by a barrage of clucking mimicked by James. "Go home chicken, we can do it all ourselves."

Marty turned toward the boys and began his approach. He walked right up to Mack and stood there for a few, solid seconds.

"Nobody calls me chicken."

Mack returned a smile and ruffled Marty's hair as he turned. He was a much larger boy than Marty, wide frame and tall even for a sophomore. James on the other hand, boasted a different set of traits. The freshman was plump and very much experiencing 'teen acne'.

The three boys ran their route toward the principal's home, crouching behind every other bush, gluing themselves to the walls as cars drove by, even crawling on the pavement as Mr. Jameson frantically ran out of his front door.

They reached the lawn of Strickland's house and stood shoulder-to-shoulder as they contemplated their next move.

"Boys, today you become men." Mack snarled.

A burst of light broke the boys' trance. The light flickered again, this time with an almost blinding white. It's origin, a house at the end of the street, was known all too well by the trio.

"He's up, I see." said Marty.

"Of course he is; he's probably the reason behind all the stuff on the news." replied James.

Mack's eyebrow shot up and he placed his hand onto Marty's shoulder.

"I think I've got an idea. Change of plans boys, Marty here is going to toilet paper that house while James and I handle Strickland's."

"What?!" Marty shot out from under Mack's hold. "You've gone mental. No way I'm getting near that place!" Marty pleaded.

"Yeah, Mack- that's suicide. I mean, even I wou-"

"Shut. Up. James." Mack refocused on Marty, "You know, I thought you were different, Marty. Dweeb brother, weird sister... but maybe Marty's normal. Turns out he's the coward in the family."

Marty flared up and shoved Mack to the ground. He stomped towards James, who covered his face with his arms. Marty swiped the toilet paper roll from James' grasp and quickly turned. His power walk began toward the flickering home, all while Mack sat up and grinned.

By the time Marty reached the home's front porch, his courage was nil.

"C'mon Marty- it's nothing, just a creepy mad scientist with a robotic flesh eating dog, no biggie." the boy said as he winded up his throw. Another flash disrupted the action as Marty opted to shield his eyes. When the light subsided, the boy dropped the toilet paper and slowly inched toward the angled window. He pressed his palms to the glass and peered inside.

There was a vast supply of equipment, batteries, gadgets and gizmos. Marty's eyes widened and he stuck his face to the glass even further. The light was coming from a cylindrical tower that stood atop a dining room table. Suddenly the glass on which Marty was leaning creaked at the hinges. By the time Marty had realized, the glass broke through and the boy fell into the wires and speakers directly below.

Marty closed his eyes tight and balled into a fetal position. The wires around him sparked but the sound he was more concerned on was the panting of an approaching canine.

"Ahhhhh!" Marty screamed out in fear. The furry dog, closer to a puppy than a beast, emerged from another room and jumped toward Marty.

"What is it, Einstein?!" echoed a voice from that room.

Out emerged an older gentleman, draped in a lab coat and goggles above his eyebrows. He approached Marty and delivered a very puzzling look.

"Who sent you?" the man questioned.

"Nobody, Mister. Now can you please help me out of this mess?"

The man reached for Marty and pried him from the maze of cables and cords. The two shared a curious glance. Marty placed his hands up as if to surrender.

"Mister I'm sorry for the window. I'll, uh, I'll try and pay you back or something." Marty said.

The man brushed it off and picked Einstein up into his arms.

"Don't mind that, it's the end of the world, anyway!" The man returned.

"My mom says it's all bogus, just stories to keep us on our toes." said Marty.

"Bogus?!" The older man shot out in fumes. Marty flinched. "I've spent the last year on a project to ensure my survival."

"From what, exactly?"

"The Jupiter Effect, boy! What is it that they teach you in... in..."

"Hill Valley High. I'm a freshman. My name is Marty."

"Pleasure to be of service, Marty. I'm Doctor Emmett Brown."

"This is quite a place you've got here Doc."

"It's Doctor... Emmett Brown."

Marty had an affinity for tech gadgets. He comfortably explored the room as his demeanor shifted into amazement. "What about that Jupiter thing, Doc?"

"Ah, yes, yes. At precisely 4:47am, on this day, March 10, 1982- the planets will form a line on the same side of the sun. When that occurs, the gravitational pull will be so erratic that the world will face natural disasters unfathomable to the common man!" Doc Brown dramatically delivered with his arms to the ceiling.

"Uh-huh, that's great, Doc. Say, what's that you're standing on?"

"This is it, Marty! This is what I've been working on lately. This entire floor will levitate at the first sign of tectonic movement. When the San Adreas fault ruptures in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, you're going to be very glad you broke into this place." Doc Brown proceeded to flip the switches on as alarms began to flare up left and right.

"Great Scott! One minute warning!" He flipped his goggles on, resembling more of a pilot now and motioned for Marty to join his on the circular floorboard. "Here, hold Einstein." he said as he placed the small dog into Marty's arms.

"This is big time Doc! You're going to win an award for this some day!" Marty screamed out over the sound of the alarms.

"Not long now! 10-9-8-7-6..." Doc continued to call out. "Zero!"

The two shut their eyes tightly as Einstein buried his head into Marty's chest.


The tower above the table powered down and the two slowly opened up their eyes.

"Well then, let's talk about repaying that window." said Doc Brown.

Outside the yells of Principal Strickland filled the streets-

"You no good, dirty scoundrels! You'll never amount to anything!" Strickland yelled, pumping his fists as Mack and James sprinted for their lives.

- Back to the Future: Prequel


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