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Cassie Benter

Boy Meets World continues to be one of my favorite shows, even though it's been off the air for fifteen years now. I'm currently in the middle of watching it for the umpteenth time, start to finish, and it occurred to me that there is one scene that was never in the show, but totally should have been.

Do you guys remember the episode Kid Gloves in the first season? For those who need a refresher, Cory is woken up by Eric, who tells him that there's a box on his face. Cory knew this would be coming (though, perhaps not on his face), because it was his birthday, and he would be receiving his "becoming a man" gift. To his surprise, he opens the box to find a pair of silver boxing gloves on a necklace chain. Cory isn't very thrilled, but plays it off so that he doesn't upset his father, Alan.

Later in the day, Cory goes swimming while wearing the necklace, and ends up losing it. Cory shrugged it off, saying that he could just buy a new one, right when Alan reveals to him why that necklace is important; he won it for being second place in his weight division in the entire United States Navy. Cory then goes on a mission to find it, but fails. However, Mr. Feeny found it in the pool filter and gave it back to Cory, who then hands it off to his father, saying that he doesn't deserve it yet. Cory tells him to hold onto them, and to give them back on the most important day of his life.

And that's it! We don't ever see or hear about the gloves again. But we should have, and to be specific, on Cory and Topanga's wedding day. What could have been more important than that? And to top it all off, Cory could have passed it down to Riley in the new spin-off Girl Meets World when he felt that she was ready. It would have been one of the most sweetest, and sentimental parts in the show(s).

All that said, I have faith that the writers could find a way to tie the two together if they wanted to. I'll be crossing my fingers... how about you?


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