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Pride will make you lough, cry and cringe... one of the best films of 2014

When you're in a battle with an enemy that's so much bigger, so much stronger than you, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well that's the best feeling in the world. Can you see what we've done here, by coming together all of us? We made history!

Ok, So this weekend I've been going back to by LGBT interest film collection, and these films get me every time!

So.. Pride.. Yet another fantastic film with all-star cast doing an excellent job.

To summarise, the film is about U.K. gay activists working to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.

Some of you may say that this is a very typical film where two groups of very much different origin join together in a fight and come out stronger for it. But the good thing about this film is that it's not a fairytale or a novel.. It's based on a true story, based on true people and true fights.

Ben Schnetzer portrays a young gay activist with great ideas and even greater power of persuasion. Personally I thing Schnetzer did an excellent job in this film, much better than in The Riot Club.

The true stars in this film though, in my humble opinion would be Imelda Staunton as Hefina (Harry potter, malificent)

Imelda Staunton as Hefina -
Imelda Staunton as Hefina -

Her performance In this film kind of made me like her again after her Harry Potter performances.. Not that she was bad in that role.. just her character was horrible and I get filled with rage every time I think about it. Yet her powerful performance in Pride is award winning.

Bill Nighy is another superstar within the cast. Now I've always been really fond of Bill, and truth be told, I think I fell a tiny bit in love with him after watching this film. He truly smashed this role, although not a big role, but he was truly magnificent.

Bill Nighy  & Imelda Staunton
Bill Nighy & Imelda Staunton
Freddy Fox
Freddy Fox
Jessica Gunning & Imelda Staunton
Jessica Gunning & Imelda Staunton

Jessica Gunning and Freddy Fox were as well truly fantastic in their respective roles, bringing that extra 'oomf' to this already stunning cast.

The film really portrays what a tough time this must have been both for the Miners and the LGBT community. Ongoing strikes, police brutality and the AIDS pandemic breaking out all at the same time, yet the communities come together and help as much as they can.

This is a must watch film in my opinion! It's Hillarious, touching & Inspirational all at the same time..

Have you seen this film? Did you love it or hate it? I would really like to hear your opinions on the films I write about.


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