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Assuming that I think there's a problem simply because I read the article is a little childish. I like to read opinions of others to try to understand why they think there's an issue. This has come up in video games as well. The main problem with these arguments is that no one has yet been able to point out what they think the problem is.

All we get is "There should be more female leads". Why? What movies/video games would you not have made in order to include one with a female lead (for the sole purpose of putting in a female lead)? Or do you think time and money are both infinite in supply?

Compared with other characters who haven't had their own film yet, Black Widow has had more movies with bigger roles than all of them. Add in the fact that, when you look at the source material, the major players are mostly male. Did you want them to postpone movies about the characters most people know just to force in one with a female lead? They only now have reached the point where Ant-Man and Doctor Strange are valid additions to the Marvel Movie lineup.

Jessica Jones is getting her own TV show. Captain Marvel is being brought in right on schedule (according to how many people in the movie audiences will recognize her and/or follow her introduction.) The only missing piece to the puzzle, in my opinion, is She-Hulk (though I would hope that the new FF movie is as big a flop as the previews look like and Marvel can get the rights back and She-Hulk can be worked in to a second or third movie there.) I'm surprised she's not even on anyone's radar for the movies or TV. Other than that, we're back to my original question. What movie do you think should have been made and which movie would you have removed to make it?


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