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Fatherly Affection, and Motherly Love

Jack was born from love. The famous Captain Edward Teague had met the love of his life, Bella, on the coast of Mozambique. He planned on giving up piracy and settling down in Madagascar with her and starting a family. During Edward’s last sail, pregnant Bella was taken and sold as a slave for the East India Trading Company (EITC). Edward Teague would never stop looking for Bella and his soon to be son, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Born to the Seven Seas

Born during a typhoon on a slave cargo ship, Jack Sparrow had always belonged to the Seven Seas. What most people don’t know about Jack is that he was not an only child, he was a twin. The girl named, Elizabeth, took after her mother in looks while Jack took after his father. Bella raised Jack as a stowaway so he would never be taken from her to be put into piracy. At the age of ten, the small family Jack had left was torn apart.

Jack was sent to be a cabin boy on the Barnacle, unaware this would only be the beginning to his greatness. His mother and sister were bought at a slave auction and sent to live on the Pantano River with Tia Dalma. Young Jack would never forget what slavery had done to his family.


At the age of twelve, Tia Dalma found Jack and helped him visit his family. Bella told him about all of the stories of his father's adventures and greatness as keeper of the code. He developed a relationship with both Bella, his sister Elizabeth and Tia Dalma. Jack's family was reunited, and from then on Tia Dalma would always help Jack.

Daddy Issues

Jack believed that Captain Edward Teague hadn't searched for him and his family because he wasn't proud of Jack. He was desperate for a fatherly figure and hope for his father's praise. Young Jack had decided that he must become great. From then on Jack swore he would become the greatest most well known pirate there had ever been.

Sister What Have You Done

Jack had been visiting his sister and mother whenever he could. They were living with Tia Dalma and had a wonderful life, but it wasn’t enough for young Elizabeth. She wanted the greatness that Jack wanted. She wanted to live her life as a pirate and was determined to do it. She found the East India Trading Company and found a ship. Bella was against the idea knowing the business they did with slaves. Elizabeth would leave at night so that her mother could not stop her.

It was a cold and windy night. Elizabeth had reached the coast and was preparing to sail, unaware her mother was following her on a small fishing boat. Elizabeth shipped off only to find a typhoon approaching. Her mother was trying to catch up to Elizabeth but was lost in the storm; Elizabeth made it back to safety. When Jack heard of the news he blamed his sister for Bella’s death. He would never forgive her.

Deadly Bargain

By the age of twenty five Jack had found a crew and a ship to sail. His ship was known as the Wicked Wench and Jack was sure he would aspire to greatness. Jack betrayed the East India Trading Company and was branded a pirate for it. He was destined for death. A small sparrow had flown down and landed on Jack pecking at him, he was as sure as the bird that he was a goner. But then Jack found hope by summoning Davy Jones. Davy Jones gave Jack his life back and his Wicked Wench; though it had changed quite a bit. Jack branded it the Black Pearl and himself Jack Sparrow. He owed his life to Davy Jones but had the chance at becoming great again.


In order to become the trickster pirate we all know and love, Jack Sparrow had to have faced hardships. These events would affect him for the rest of his life. While writing this I wasn't sure what I would come up with, but I like how it came to be. All people have their own tale to tell with different truths. This is my tale of how young Jack Sparrow came to be.


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