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Just letting you all know. I will not be putting those little spoiler covers on the spoiler points. If you don't want spoilers don't read this. Go watch the film then come back here and read the review

Overall review

If you still haven't seen the movie and don't want spoilers, but still want to hear my overall and spoiler free thoughts, here they are. Avengers: Age of Ultron has it's share of problems, just like any film does. There's no such thing as a film with absolutely no problems. But overall, it is my personal favorite Marvel film and has a great deeper meaning about fathers and their children(I'll get into that later in the spoiler review) I recommend it to anyone who liked the first Avengers film and any of the other MCU films.

The Review

My Problems with the Film


I'm just going to get my problems with the film out of the way first because I just wanna get to the good stuff(which is a lot of the film)

First off is Quicksilver, one of my biggest problems with this film...

He was totally wasted!
He was totally wasted!

Quicksilver was totally wasted in this film. He was actually one of my favorite characters in the film, until he died. I then realized that he was only there to die so Scarlet Witch would have a motivation to join the Avengers. Most of you are thinking: "Well he'll come back. It's comics! Everyone comes back." Well, not Quicksilver. Guys, Quickie is not coming back anytime soon. Kevin Feige said this in a recent Q/A in response to a question about Quicksilver's death:

"Quiksilver is DEAD. 100%, he's not coming back any time soon, there are no plans. No LMD [life model decoy], no escaping bullets, no retcon. He is dead and wanted to make sure people understood that."

Joss Whedon also had this to say:

"In this movie, we’re saying, 'Prove to me that you guys are heroes.' And he’s the guy that does it."

Joss also revealed that when talking to the actor for Quicksilver, Aron Taylor Johnson, he told Joss that he didn't want to do it and he only agreed to it because Elizabeth Olsen was involved. He didn't want to be apart of a big budget project. He likes the small indie films much more(Kick Ass, etc.). So the fact that they wasted one of my favorite Avengers, really ticks me off.

Nick Fury

If only he had more screen time
If only he had more screen time

I felt like Nick Fury did not need to be in this film. His little role just felt like an oversized Stan Lee cameo. I feel like if they just took him out of the film overall and replaced his role with someone who was already a big part of the film like maybe Maria Hill, that would have made more sense to me. I get it though. Nick Fury is what started the Avengers, which is what a lot of people argue. But in the first film, The Avengers weren't really The Avengers yet. They were working for SHIELD. But now, they're The Avengers we know and love and are self sustaining. They don't need Fury anymore. I think Fury should just stay in the Captain America films.

The Good Parts of the Film

Hawkeye, Hulk and Widow

I have absolutely no idea why people are mad that Hawkeye, Widow and Hulk had more story building and more screen time than the other Avengers. In my opinion, they totally deserved this screen time and I was super happy they got it(especially Hawkeye). The thing is, these characters don't have their own films. All of the other guys do. So the only time they get to shine is in the Avengers films. The others got their own epic films. So let the other guys who don't have that get their time to shine.


Some people are also mad that Ultron wasn't as menacing as he is in the comics. I actually have the perfect way to explain why he isn't as menacing. In the comics, Ultron was created by Ant-Man(Hank Pym), a dude who's always got a stick up his butt and is always pissed off. Therefore, Ultron is just like him and is always pissed off. But in the film, Tony Stark created Ultron. So Ultron is more like Tony, a bit funnier and not as menacing, etc. I personally loved this.


I have a lot of other favorite parts of the film but I really don't want to write it all out. Just go see the film yourself and experience it yourself!

Overall, the film is great. It has its downs, like any film, but it also has its ups. It's a very enjoyable film and I recommend it for any average movie goer.


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