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There’s that time in any child’s life where they will have to go through many new things before even coming close to being an adult. From preparing for your exams to taking the first steps of learning to drive. Once you have passed the gap from childhood into adulthood there will be no turning back. Some will look back on simpler times in hope that they could live their old life, even just for a moment.

However, that reason of thought is brought about only through fear. Every adult goes through this stage. Fearing what’s to come. Everyone has fears, these are called phobias. Some fears can be very common such as; drowning or death. Whilst other fears can be much more rare such as; being afraid to ride in elevators or scared of teddy bears.

When I was much younger I didn’t worry about the future. I knew my mother and father would always be there to catch me if I fell. The only thing I was truly scared of was; the monsters in my closet.

Even recalling it today, seeing such a beast enter my room, gives me shivers down my spine. I was in fear of these monsters for so many years, but what could I do? I was just a toddler of three years old, with no proof to make my parents believe me. I began to think it was all in my head.

I’m not sure how long it was since these monsters left me alone. I’ve had children since then, they cry at night just like I’d used to. Sometimes I see things in the corner of my eye. A swish of a tail, a scrape of a claw.

Not all the monsters were bad though. There was this one creature, a tremendous blue beast. Kitty I called him. He didn’t give me any fear, but the feeling of what parents have when they are holding you in their arms.

If I were to guess I’d say over twenty-two years have passed since I last saw the huge yeti. I still don’t know whether to place the world inside my closet as a weird dream or a far-off place I long to see again.

The only proof of these events I have are the childish scribbles I created as a child.

The first one I found at the bottom of a box of toys, which my mother had kept in the attic. It was a painting of a purple splodge with a few other colours spattered over its back. It looked like a chameleon with several arms sticking out at strange angels.

My shoulders stiffened at the sight. Yes, I remembered this creature. This was the thing that haunted my nightmares. Out of spite I ripped the drawing in half.

The second picture I found weeks after that, it had been enclosed inside a book. It was of a green gum-ball creature with one big eye in the middle of its face. I giggled at the sight. He was the funny one. Scribbled writing at the bottom of the page said read: “Mike”

I saved this image. Stuck it above my bed daughter’s bed. Protecting her from any of the bad monsters. The last picture I found at the bottom of the wardrobe in my daughter’s room. I hadn’t entered it for over twenty-years. However, my daughter refused to go to sleep until I made sure that there was no monsters inside.

I opened the wardrobe. It was empty. All accept a tiny little scrap of paper that lay at the bottom. I picked it up to examine it; it was a picture of the big, blue beast. Kitty. He had a smile on his face and in his arms he carried a little girl who was smiling from ear-to-ear. Me.

I remembered now why I had put the piece of paper under the door. So that, if he ever did come back he’d be able to see it. I turned the paper over in my hands and gasped as I saw writing on the other side, writing that wasn’t my own.

“I love you too, boo”


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