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Do you believe in ghosts?Have you ever felt anything strange?

My answer to that is a f**king yes.You know how they say that spirits are usually trapped because they have an unnatural death or over-love or flesh existence.My mom experienced this.

I was 16 years old and we had moved to a permanent house in Bangalore.My brothers got jobs and were placed in London and Paris.It was all a plain and happy life,until....

One day a phone call came from my dad's friend to my mom stating that my dad had been in a fatal accident and had lost his life on the way to the hospital.My mom collapsed upon hearing this.Then one of our neighbors offered to drive my mom to hospital..I was in school unaware of this news.As usual I finished school and was going home..when I was walking from the road end I saw a crowd in front of my house.I didn't know why that crowd was standing in front of our house.I rushed to my home and heard about the death of my dad and fainted on the spot.

We were mentally completely movements.Nothing!

The next day we cremated the body and we had rituals to follow upon the death of a house member.We have a Rest in Peace offering to the soul after 14 days of the death.

My brothers had taken a leave and were helping around with the rituals.My mom started to re-gather from the disheartening event.The whole house was repainted.

Since,I was 16 I was in no way helpful to the elders.

Before I come to the main part..let me tell you that my dad was a diabetic patient and used to get up early in the morning for a jog and all to stay in health as much as possible.

Now to the main part, After the Rest In Peace offering on 14th day...We were still in sorrow and grief over the event.My mom and dad used to sleep in one bedroom and me and my two brothers had respective rooms of us own.

My mom explained this event to me when I asked why my mom was terrified so early in the morning.

(In the eyes of my mom)My mom used to call me "Mahesha".. So if any references made..Go along with it.

Mahesha..I was in deep sleep..It was almost dawn break when I saw the bathroom light turn on and heard a flush sound..then it was turned off..(Note:Me and my brothers have never..ever woke up earlier then 7 am till date in our lives)...Then my room door was pushed back and I saw a black figure...exactly like your dad..but,pitch black figure come towards me.I was scared and pulled my rug over my face.The figure lifted my rug and was seeing me.My hands and legs were not moving as if they were dead.I was screaming loudly..but my voice didn't come out.I was screaming for your brothers to help me..but my voice didn't come out..then after 15 seconds of staring it went out and I didn't sleep that day.

So...It is a mystery to doesn't lie,it must be the truth or due to the mental mom may have saw things..or my dad's spirit may have got tied to my mom...But one thing is for sure...I believe that my Mom saw what appears to be over-live spirit which denies to leave this world.

We cleansed the house and overtime my mom forgot about that incident and started living peacefully.

So that was the second mystery and the last one I encountered till date!


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