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There was a little boy in the city of atlantis whom had previously returned home from the captivity of extraterrestrial aliens. On the night of his return, his parents noticed that he was not the same same arthur his parents knew, ever since he reappeared in his bed he woke up every night with a seizure. His parents were horrified at the sight of their little boy’s pain. Arthur’s parents took him to the hospital where they were unable to figure out what was wrong with him. The months passed and Arthur continued to experience his seizures, he also began to see visions which he described as "the end". Thousands began to die from a contagious disease that was rapidly spreading throughout the city, after a while Arthur remembered he had been injected with a cloudy green liquid while he was held captive. Despite the city people's efforts, the disease was unable to be isolated, many died by suffocation. Seven months passed, 12,000 people died, and the ground began to shake, the streets departed, the waters rose, buildings collapsed, the whole city began to sink; just as Arthur had seen it. He was the first to be swallowed by the ocean, so he was the first to encounter his ability to breathe under water. He was confused and scared but he chose to help the rest of his community which he saw alarmed discovering their abilities and seeing their precious city sinking. Over time the community learned to communicate telepathically and live underneath the ocean. Arthur spent most of his days and nights city alone on his favorite rock which lay in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. After much time spent thinking about the catastrophe, he realized that his traumatizing captivity from the extraterrestrial aliens was not only for his salvation, but also for his people. The disease that had spread around the city was what gave everyone the ability to breathe and survive at the bottom of the ocean. Thus the name of mermaids and mermen arose thanks to Arthur, who became nicknamed Aquaman.


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