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I love superheroes, I have practically my whole life. I love the classics from both MARVEL and DC, Spiderman, HULK, Superman, Batman. It k
Ty Johnson Jorelle

Apparently there are some groups that are piling on the back story of the Black Widow in the Avengers Age of Ultron in a negative fashion. They are also complaining there are a lack of female superheroes in the Marvel movies. As Tony Stark said in Iron Man "Jarvis, sometimes you got to learn how to fly before you can walk." It is bad advice, considering how bad it would be if you misstep putting in too many female superheroes in all at once just because it is missing or short on supply. I think Joss's approach to Black Widow has been great. Joss humanized her and other characters in this film which was nice to see for a change. She of all of The Avengers has been the most closed off emotionally until this movie. We find out she has genuine feelings towards Bruce Banner / Hulk. You aslo learn that she also can't have children due to her conditioning so to speak. Considering the subject matter of this movie, Ultron was consciously born that was essentially a newborn child, as well as Vision. Hawkeye having a family & the kids called her auntie Nat, she is seen as a woman of importance and a family figure.

Some people didn't like the relationship between the Hulk and Black Widow, finding it weird. I didn't at all. It was interesting that they even tried and that she had hope for love. Steve Rogers seeing their relationship past no judgement, in fact gave advice as far as not waiting too long, relating it to 70 year ice nap. It was sad seeing it not work out, as with most things pertaining to the Hulk often end. The female hero masses are rising, but at a steady pace. I am sure that Scarlet enjoyed being the main female protagonist holding it down with all these powerful men. If you want to question sexism, hit up Michael Bay on his objectified view of women on film. You are attacking the wrong guy and film.But I'm sure they already made a stop to over to Michael Bay'b land.


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