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The Internet is home to more content than can ever be absorbed in a lifetime. Like grains of sand, "stuff" is speckled all over the web, and truth be told...most of it just isn't great.

So it's all the more satisfying when you stumble across a buried treasure like the one I'm about to show you. It's a wildly imaginative and eerily realistic sci-fi short. It's also a "Vimeo Staff Pick," and for good reason.

Bonkers visual effects
Bonkers visual effects

Courtesy some very talented filmmakers and a crazy good VFX design by none other than The Maze Runner director Wes Ball, I give you "Telescope."

My first thought after watching? Can we see this thing on the big screen please? And, like, two hours instead of ten minutes?

There's some serious meat on these bones, and I think we're all hungry for that next great sweeping sci-fi saga.

Could "Telescope" be the one?


What did you think?


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