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Being asked who I am should be a pretty straight forward question for most but for me well, you'll see. I've been around for quite a while now I lost count of the years at around my 420,000th. How I got here where I came from I'm not even entirely certain I awoke one day with a splitting headache, covered in blood, laying next to a dead body with a striking resemblance to myself and found I had a ridiculous smile on my face which just wouldn't go away. I was there to see the discovery of Fire, I've seen the rise and fall of empires I was there when ceaser was murdered when Marie Antoinnette lost her head I've been an adviser to kings and queens I've always been in the background of history I lead Alexander the great's troops into battle. I've been shot, stabbed, drowned, poisoned, burnt, blown up and been killed in every possible way but it never lasts I always come back the closest to dead I've been was when I was pulled apart by horses it took a week but sure enough I woke up it hurts like hell every time but I get through. All this time here walking the earth has taught me a lot but if there's one thing I can pass on its that everything ends everything burns you can never trust anyone. Some say it's made me cynical some say I'm psychotic most just say I'm just plain crazy. While I've heald many names you can simply call me "The Joker

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