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Jennifer Lawrence or J Law just keeps getting more and more popular over the years. She won an Oscar at her twenties and she was nominated twice before that. She is an amazing actress and I don't know about you guys, but I'm obsessed with her since Silver Linings Playbook and she was the reason I watched The Hunger games

So, today, I'm breaking down 15 reasons, yeah that's right 15, not 10, not 5, but, 15 reasons why we love the amazing Academy Award winning actress

1. Because she is hilarious with a capital H

I could go on and on about this. Jennifer Lawrence is undeniably the funniest person alive

2. Because he played two of the most iconic roles in the history of mankind

Of course I'm talking about the Girl on fire Katniss Everdeen and the mutant who's skin color and name you'll never forget: Mystique

3. Because she's equally pulling off the blonde and brunette look

Not everybody can do that

4. Because 'If we burn you burn with us'

She's giving her 100% and still looks sexy as hell itself. Not everybody can do that either

5. Because she fell at the Oscars 2013

6. Because she fell at the Oscars 2014... a year after she had fallen at the Oscars

She's just the most adorable tripper!!!

7. Because she ripped her dress and kept her cool

8. Because of THIS interview

9. And THIS interview

10. Because of her misunderstanding with Jimmy Fallon

11. Because she gets nervous whenever she wins an award which is Tuesday for her

Well, she remembered to thank her family

12. Because she can't talk to famous people like... I don't know Jack Nicholson

13. Because she danced with Bradley Cooper in Silver Lining Playbook

14. Because she's supposed to be a bad singer

15. Because she went full-blown crazy on Silver Linings Playbook

It's not over yet, when I said full-blown crazy I meant FULL-BLOWN CRAZY


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