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Tyler Loutensock

In the eons prior to Shinji Ikari's rejection of mankind's instrumentality, it was then that heaven fell. God saw life, the fruit of his creation, and he saw that they were weak and short lived unlike himself and so was angered and desired their destruction. Mother too looked, but her eyes fell not on the feeble and the weak beings but rather saw the potential of her children. Mother stayed God's hand in his anger and he grew wroth with her. Neither would would give ear to the other's words, God claimed "Heaven Suffers no fool!" and Mother replied "Let mercy be had though the heavens fall!", and thus heaven was torn asunder.

Heaven being enveloped in civil conflict, God stretched forth his arm and scattered the Seed of Life Adam. But it was our our heavenly Mother that saw his intent and so cast forth her own, the Seed of Life Lilith. The seed of the gods inhabited worlds beyond number; some claimed by Seeds of Life Adam and others by that of Lilith. God's seed, the Seed of Life Adam, carried with it the birth of beings of power like unto God. Unlike God's seed, the Seed of Life Lilith instead bestowed to her children power over knowledge that they might become as gods through their own accord.

On its journey through the cosmos, a Seed of Life Adam was on a course to the planet we know as Earth, but so too did a Seed of Life Lilith. The seeds collided with one another in their flight, the Seed of Life Adam plummeted ahead to Earth. Mother's seed, damaged in the collision, followed but unable to slow itself. God's seed landed, releasing its L.C.L, the DNA of the Seed of Life Adam. The Seed of Life Lilith struck the Earth at a tremendous speed, the result: global cataclysm sending large chunks of the Earth and the remains of the Seed of Life Lilith into the atmosphere to coalesce into Earth's moon. With the eradication of The Seed of Life Adam's L.C.L God's angels found no birth and Earth was left free to Mother's seed to return her children and to spread evolution to her children. Above the others Man was born and he sought to become like their creators and learn the ways of gods. Throughout Man's history he has created his tower's of Babel and it was through his curiosity man brought upon the Earth God's judgement, the Second Impact.


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