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It's seems DC has started generating quite a buzz behind their movies as of late with the Squad and Joker pictures being released. The set pictures have been coming in as well as the videos, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty hyped from what I'm seeing. There're many pictures showcasing the gang together headed into what seems their first mission. The latest pictures from Just Jared though that have caught my attention are those of Harley letting go of her necklace that reads "pudding," and we all know who "puddin" clearly is... The Joker!

It's clear that Harley might have started out with the belief that her and the Joker were still on good terms. There must be something that she finds out that clearly makes her not want to carry something that must have sentimental value for her. It's been highly rumored it has to do with Jason Todd's death at the hands of the Joker that make her despise him.

I could speculate it might also be that The Joker is using her and she finally has figured out just how psychotic the man really is. Whatever it is that makes Harley want to leave Mr. J, I'm sure it will change her persona from the bubbly psychopath to the more serious, get-the-job-done type. However, if you've read the new 52's Suicide Squad or seen Assault on Arkham you know a new love interest is right under her nose, and it seems this film will explore that by the next picture.

It looks like Deadshot might be in some trouble once Mr. J decides he wants Harley back, and that excites me. I can't wait to see Joker and Deadshot square off and Harley be in the middle of all this. I think everyday I get more hyped for this movie now that I'm seeing more and more of it! What do you think?

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Why do you think Harley wants to let go of Mr. J?


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